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Long Hair VS Short Hair (during a spanking)

by on May.28, 2011, under Spanking


There has always been an age old debate about long hair vs. short hair.  I have always had a strong opinion that 99.9% of the men who are into women prefer long hair.  And the guys who say they like short hair are either

1. Trying to win over a girl with short hair or

2. Lying. 

While shooting hundreds of spanking models, I have observed that the large percentage of them have longer hair (shoulder length or longer).  Until recently, I have not shot someone with hair that is shorter than the shoulder that I have actually paid much attention to (perhaps I am biased or not rational). 

But this changed when we shot Ash Hollywood, presently up on Spanked Sweeties.  She is beautiful and her hair doesn’t quite reach her shoulders.  So maybe I have to rethink my bias.  Or maybe she is the exception to the rule.  When she is over Clare Fonda’s knee, though, she still has bangs that flow down, but don’t cover her face, so maybe there is the illusion of long hair.

I have posted photos of Kay Richards the one time she cut her hair shorter than her shoulders, along with photos of Kay’s standard slighly below shoulder lenght look.  Judge for yourself. 

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How to Shoot the Erotic Spanking

by on May.20, 2011, under spanked girlfriends

Erotic Spanking

I will admit that I enjoy shooting erotic spankings.  They tend to be lighter (though not always), and run a little shorter, but the pay off is that you get to see (or in my case film) two girls making out, which some may be into, others not so much.  It’s all good for me. 

Part 2 of “The Other Girl” is now up on Girl Spanks Girl.  In the first part, Alexis Grace spanked Ash Hollywood for cheating with Alexis’s girlfriend (who is played by Mary Jane).  In the second part, Alexis spanks Mary Jane before admitting that she also made out with Ash. 

So Mary Jane spanks her, then they have make-up sex.  The sex (or makeout) scenes are rarely scripted ahead of time.  99% of the time, it is the models who decide what they are willing to do, or in some cases want to do, and they make that part of the scene happen themselves. 

Alexis is an incredibly sexual person (not to mention super hot), and she is really into this sort of shoot, which makes it comfortable for the other model and for the guy shooting the scene.  Here’s to hoping we get Alexis on the schedule again soon for another erotic spanking scene.

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When Kay Richards Chooses Her Implement

by on May.16, 2011, under Spanking

Spanking Soap Opera

Interesting thing about the new episode running on the spanking soap opera site, My Spanking Roommate is that in the scene between Kay and her maid (played by Rosario Stone), the girls were instructed to use hand spankings on each other, and a wooden spoon, and then Kay was going to be punished by one final implement.  Of her choosing. 

Kay can take a pretty good spanking, but I wouldn’t say she is a super heavy player.  So you might think she’d try to get away with something like “I want to be spanked with a feather” since she has a pretty hysterical sense of humor.  But she went right to “I want to be spanked with a belt.” 

I was wearing a thin belt, which I offered for the scene.  But she selected one that she had, which was large with metal studs.  Trust me, she felt tremendous pain from the belt spanking that Rosario delivered.  After the scene finished shooting, the direct quote from Kay was “Fuck, why the fuck did I pick that fucking belt??!!” 

Maybe the next scene we shoot with her should be a mouth soaping.

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Best Mother/Daughter Spanking Ever!

by on May.09, 2011, under Spanking

Snow Mercy Spanks Missy Golddsc_1848.JPG

I have filmed a large number of mother/daughter spanking scenes over the years, many of which were outstanding.  But the two I shot recently with Snow Mercy as the Mom and Missy Gold as the daughter were by far the best. 

There were two scenes, set one day after the other.  What made them so electric was the combination of realism, with solid spanking and amazing verbal skills.  It just all came together. 

I normally comment mostly about behind the scenes and what it is like to work with various models, but I just feel compelled to push anyone who enjoys a great mother/daughter spanking to check out these two scenes, now on Hot Girls Spanked.  Missy is very young, and she looks even younger.  She understands the dynamics of a great scene.  And Snow rivals Clare Fonda as the classic MILF. 

Snow and Missy are very believable as Mother and Daughter, and they include many of the classic elements such as “Mother turns to spanking as a last resort; daughter pleads that she is too old for a spanking; Mother overpowers her daughter and puts the struggling girl over her knee….”   In my opinion, this one is an instant classic.  

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Do Childhood Spankings Create Interest in Spanking?

by on May.01, 2011, under Spanking Interviews

Veronica Ricci Spanked

This is a question that is often discussed among Spankos – if you were spanked growing up, does that make you more likely to enjoy spanking play as an adult?  Of course it would be difficult to get the government to fund a study like this, though I’d volunteer to document it if they did. 

Some believe that when children are spanked, a spanko is being created.  Some believe there is no correlation.  The interviews on Spanked Sweeties are enlightining and if you watch enough of them, it could appear as if it does – as most of those interviewed were spanked as children and enjoy spanking now.  But of course Clare Fonda doesn’t interview the millions of people who were most likely spanked as children and do not enjoy spanking of any kind as adults. 

Still, it makes for an interesting discussion.  And Veronica Ricci, the current model appearing on Spanked Sweeties says she does enjoy spanking, though she doesn’t get much of it in her daily life.  I’m sure she’d be surprised to find out how many volunteers there would be to spank her.  Her interview was pretty outstanding.  All in the name of science.

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