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Best Aunt Niece Spanking Ever: With Clare Fonda and Missy Rhodes

by on Jun.28, 2011, under Spanking

Missy Rhodes spankedMissy M Gold spankedMissy Rhodes spanked

A while back I blogged about the best Mother/Daughter spanking that I ever filmed or seen.  It was with Snow Mercy as the mom and Missy Rhodes (formely known as Missy Gold) as the daughter. 

In this series for Hot Girls Spanked (an exclusive content clips4sale site), Clare plays the aunt.  She recently spanked Missy so hard that Missy cried actual tears.  Now during the two scenes Missy shot with Snow, Missy did cry a little bit.  But it was more of a sobbing sound, without actual tears.  Missy has a low tolerance for spanking, and we thought that she took all she could take with Snow. 

But in the Wet Bottom spanking scene Clare did with Missy, it went longer, and harder.  Missy really likes Clare a lot, and I think she went beyond her limits as an honor Clare.  As you can see from the above photos, Missy’s bottom got very red and marked.  If you enjoy real maternal spankings, with tears, stern mother figures and lots of hard whacks to a cute red bottom, this is a can’t miss clip. 

Clare spanks Missy over her wet bathing suit.  Then she makes Missy strip it off and take 300 spanks, which she must count.  Missy loses count in her 60s, and Clare makes her start over.  Clare has been in many excellent scenes, but I have never seen her as stern as she was in this one. 

At the risk of sounding like I am overselling this thing – if you only bought one spanking clip on Clips4sale, you should buy this full scene clip.  I stuck my neck out a bit in pushing the Snow/Missy clips.  And for the most part, the feedback I got was very favorable.  One viewer didn’t think Missy was actually crying in those clips.  As I say, she cries real tears in the swimsuit clip. 

After we shot this scene, Missy and I went to dinner, then we went to see a mutual friend perform stand up comedy.  Missy tried to downplay the pain she was in that night, but it was clear that it was difficult even for her to walk, as her bottom rubbed against the tight skirt she was wearing.  She sat gingerly in our booth at dinner.  She was grateful to have a booth. 

But unfortunately for Missy, we had to sit on hard wooden chairs for the comedy show.  She let out a slight yelp when she first sat on that wooden chair.  About a week or so later, Missy confessed to me via email that her bottom was sore for a long time – at least a week. 

I am a huge fan of Missy.  She is prompt, professional, respectful, funny and very sweet – and she is SO young (over 18 I assure you).  But she is also amazing in scenes.  Believe me, this Swimsuit spanking was very real and a very powerful and satisfying scene. 

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Hardest FF Hand Spanking?

by on Jun.25, 2011, under spanked call girls


Often I have been asked who the hardest female spanker I have ever filmed is. 

I haven’t really been able to answer that question.  But I can say this for sure, I have never filmed a harder female spanks female hand spanking than the one recently with Miss Chris spanking Clare Fonda.chris2.JPG 

This scene can be found on Spanked Call Girls.  Miss Chris is very tall and strong and Clare was really mouthing off to her.  It was a long spanking that definitely looked hard, sounded hard, and left Clare with an extremely red bottom.  Have a look. chris3.JPG

Long after the shoot, after Miss Chris had left and I had packed all of my equipment, I was getting ready to leave and was talking to Clare when she tried to sit down.  She shot up and said “ow, my butt really hurts.”  This was not part of some video, just Clare sharing the real pain in the bootie.  Job well done, Miss Chris!

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To Spank or be Spanked

by on Jun.18, 2011, under Spanking Interviews


Many models who sign on for spanking shoots have very specific limitations as to what they will or will not do.  Clare Fonda has a diaper site called naughty diaper girl and not surprisingly, some spanking models won’t shoot for that site. 

Many models will not be spanked by a male (typically because they have a boyfriend).  Some models will spank other females, but not a male.  The great Amber Pixie Wells used to never want to spank anyone, as she was very submissive.  But she has turned into an excellent top. 

Sophia Locke recently turned in her first ever spanking shoot with Clare Fonda.  Currently, she can be seen on Spanked Sweeties.  Sophia did not want to be spanked by a male or spank anyone.  She explained that she is a true submissive and it was not in her nature to spank someone.  But boy can she ever take a spanking.  Snow Mercy plays her mother and spanks Sophia long and hard.  Not many model can match Sophia’s level of taking a spanking. 

So check her out if you enjoy hard otk hand spankings.  And you never know, like Pixie, maybe some day Sophia turns others over her knee and dishes out some hard spankings of her own.

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A Variation on Spanking

by on Jun.08, 2011, under Spanking



Well I got to shoot and edit something a little different.  A superheroine scene, starring Mary Jane and Alexis Grace, for Hot Girls Spanked.  There is some spanking, but also plenty of cat fighting, belly bunching, struggling, and even one superheroine shooting another superheroine with a ray gun. 

It took a long time to edit because I had to add a lot of sound effects and the ray for the ray gun.  But it was fun.  Silly, yes, but something different.  And who couldn’t use a little variety from time to time?

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Adjusting a Spanking Shoot to the Model

by on Jun.02, 2011, under Spanking

Spanking Lazy Niece

A while back Clare Fonda had a shoot scheduled in the evening with a model from an agency.  At the last minute, the agency called to say the model wasn’t going to make it and they offered up another model for the shoot.  Samora Morgan. 

Samora had never done a spanking shoot and really knew nothing about spanking.  But she was game.  So we shot her for some scenes.  One of those scenes is now running on Girl Spanks Girl, in the Sensual section. 

Clare had a specific shoot scenario in mind, but Samora was very low key, and couldn’t pull off that scenario.  So Clare adapted Samora’s low energy into a new scene, which she made up on the spot, and had Samora play her lazy niece. 

And while Samora’s pain tolerance was incredibly low, Clare tested Samora’s limits, so her reactions are very real in the scene.  And you can see if you check out the scene, Samora’s bottom gets very red and speckled. 

I have from time to time shot for other producers.  Generally speanking, those producers will stick with their scenario and have the model play a role that she is not equipped to play.  This is something Clare does well – adapting the scene to fit the model’s strenghts. 

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