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Adjusting a Spanking Shoot to the Model

by on Jun.02, 2011, under Spanking

Spanking Lazy Niece

A while back Clare Fonda had a shoot scheduled in the evening with a model from an agency.  At the last minute, the agency called to say the model wasn’t going to make it and they offered up another model for the shoot.  Samora Morgan. 

Samora had never done a spanking shoot and really knew nothing about spanking.  But she was game.  So we shot her for some scenes.  One of those scenes is now running on Girl Spanks Girl, in the Sensual section. 

Clare had a specific shoot scenario in mind, but Samora was very low key, and couldn’t pull off that scenario.  So Clare adapted Samora’s low energy into a new scene, which she made up on the spot, and had Samora play her lazy niece. 

And while Samora’s pain tolerance was incredibly low, Clare tested Samora’s limits, so her reactions are very real in the scene.  And you can see if you check out the scene, Samora’s bottom gets very red and speckled. 

I have from time to time shot for other producers.  Generally speanking, those producers will stick with their scenario and have the model play a role that she is not equipped to play.  This is something Clare does well – adapting the scene to fit the model’s strenghts. 


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  • Mike

    well least samora was willing to do the spanking shoot and did est she could. i dont see anything wrong with the model react for real. sometime i wonder if they were getting spanked for real if they would react the same way. i mean i know it a spanking shoot and sometime the reason is made up. but seem like from time to time the recation is real.i know sometime it casue the way the model are.

    Second how do you guys get the girls model who get spanked be willing to shoot on clare spanks Men site. do those girls like mary jane ash hollywood and snow mecury like to hand out the spankings to the mens i know snow mecury suppose be a dom as you said before but what about the other girls meaning do those girls switch.

  • admin

    Mike – I consider almost all of the spankings that I shoot to be real spankings, this one included. Trust me, Samora felt like she was getting a real spanking – and she was. She did indeed take all she could and more.

    As far as which girls will spank guys, it depends on the girl and what relationship she is in. Maybe half the girls will not spank men, for various reasons. The number one reason is that they have boyfriends who won’t allow it. Another reason is some models are completely submissive and into being spanked, and say they cannot spank men. Mary Jane and Snow Mercy enjoy spanking men. They do it professional at the Dominion. Ash Hollywood, like many models, is more game for it (and Ash happened to be amazingly good at it).

  • tim

    yes that is why i love the sites Clare runs ,best ,tim.

  • Alexis S.

    Clare,is it more challenging for you to tone down a spanking for someone with low pain tolerance or to amp it up for someone with very high pain tolerance?

  • admin

    Alexis – Clare says it is harder for her to spank to someone’s low tolerance.

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