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How Real A Spanking Scene is Depends on the SPANKER

by on Jul.18, 2011, under Spanking

Veronica Ricci spanked

I read a post from a female spanko on Fetlife recently in which she was complaining about how spanking videos looked unrealistic.  She said she was young (and Mormon) and so I am assuming that she hadn’t seen very many spanking videos. 

Of course I have filmed and viewed thousands, so speaking from experience, most spanking scenes shot for spanking sites are in fact real spankings.  Just ask the model getting spanked if she thought it was real or not.  Now I have viewed some scenes, the majority of these being on clips4sale, where it is a non-spanking site trying some spanking scenes. 

They don’t know and/or care about how believeable the spanking is, so they get a couple of models who spank each other lightly.  I suspect this is the sort of thing our Mormon friend stumbled onto.  I would make a rough estimate that about 90% of the spanking scenes I have shot were what I would consider real spankings.  Maybe they don’t always look hard, but the spankee is taking it as hard as she can and her reactions are real. 

In the 10% of cases where I don’t consider the scene to be real, it comes from the spanker not being able to spank the other model as hard as she can take it.  If a model is not being spanked as hard as she can (or at least in that ball park) then she is either not reacting, or faking her reactions.  Bummer when this happens.    But some ladies just can’t spank hard enough – either due to phsyical or mental limitations. 

In the above photo, Veronica Ricci is using some cream to help keep her bottom from bruising too much.  We shot her recently getting spanked by Clare Fonda and Missy Rhodes.  Veronica is so sweet and gentle, she had to be taught by Clare how to spank hard enough. 

There is a clip where she spanks Clare on Hot Girls Spanked.  And the most recent clip has her spanking Missy Rhodes.  Veronica is surprisingly strong, so it was her mental barrier that Clare had to break through.  “It’s okay to spank me hard.”  Glad to report that Vernica could deliver.

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  • tim

    very nice hope this will appear on Clares sites ,best ,tim .

  • admin

    Veronica is on and she appears on in addition to being on (which includes exclusive scenes that will not appear on other Clare Fonda sites). Rumor has it that she might appear in Exclusive Education 6 – to come out on girlspanksgirl near the end of August. But that is not confirmed yet.

  • tim

    well it looksvery good on hotgirls spanked from the short clip so i will probably buy it soon ,lovely young girls,best ,tim.

  • KJ

    I love the clip where Veronica spanks Clare. I also think she could make a great niece who gets revenge on strict aunt at the end of summer or blackmailing her teacher.

  • admin

    We will be shooting again with Veronica pretty soon – glad you guys like her. She’s awesome!

  • Mike

    yea i agree it depend how hard the spanker is doing the spankin and if they real are into spanking too. and i think also make it good scene if the spanker really feel like it is a spanking offense and the spankee really do need be spanked.

    one question iam mostly wonder sometime is. if the spanker really would do the spanking in real life. i know the video is mostly acting between 2 people like clare spanks mens site and other one. but i alway wonder if the person would get spanked in real life for the same thing

  • admin

    Some models we work with have said that they have discipline spankings in the lives. And probably have been spanked for things related to storylines that we shoot. But most don’t talk about this subject so I wouldn’t really have a guess as to how many models we’re talking about.

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