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The above photo is part of a scene currently running on Spanked Call Girls.  It was one of the hardest spankings Veronica Ricci ever received, she said, and she had to cut when Jenni Mack was spanking her.  It is also included in a DVD called Spanked Call Girls, Vol. 1: Audrey Tate.

The plan is to create a website to sell Clare Fonda DVDs.  But until that happens, there is a way to get the following DVDs (all of which are at least 60 minutes long). 

Simply send a check or money order to:

CF Worldwide, Inc

4821 Lankershim Blvd, Suite F289

North Hollywood, 91601

$25 per DVD or three for $70. Please include $5 for domestic shipping and $10 for international shipping

1.  Exclusive Education 6 – Stars Lana, Snow Mercy, Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza – 63 minutes (available on

2.  Strict Cousin- Stars Alicia Panettiere, Mary Jane, Ten Amorette and Clare Fonda – 92 minutes (available on

 3.  Family Spanking Scandal – Stars Snow Mercy, Sophia Locke and Ashli Orion 67 minutes (available on www.spankedcallgirls and )

4. Missy Spanked to Tears- stars Missy Rhodes, Veronica Ricci, Snow Mercy and Clare Fonda 1 hour and 53 minutes (available on

5. Women Spanking Men Vol. 1  – stars Miss Chris, Audrey Knight, Mary Jane, Kade, Tom Byron, Ace and Bart 62 minutes (available on )

6. Mom Spanking Journal – stars Ash Hollywood, Alexis Grace, Shay Golden and Clare Fonda. (Available on and )

7. Lesbian Sugar Momma – Stars Kay Richards, Madison Martin. Clare Fonda and Veronica Ricci (Available on and )

8. Men Spank Clare – Clare Fonda, Steve Fuller, Kyle Johnson, Kade and Ace  – 62 minutes (available on www.hotgirlspanked and ) 

 9. Spanked Superheroines – Snow Mercy, Alexis Grace, Mary Jane, Sophia Locke, Clare Fonda -63 minutes Snow Mercy looks the part as Wonder Woman. Lots of hot catfighting, special effects and good spankings (also available on )

10. Spanked Callgirls Vol. 1: Audrey Tate – stars Veronica Ricci, Kay Richards, Jenni Mack, Miss Chris and Clare Fonda  – 63 minutes (available on

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  • tim

    The very lovely Veronica receives big spanks from first lovely Jenni then both cuties get spanked by Miss chris their botties are blushing pink from her spanks great ,best wishes tim

  • tim

    Hullo i cannot get on spanked sweeties with my codes i have a recurring membership have for a long time plesae help ,best tim.

  • tim

    i think i have got on now ,best tim.

  • admin

    Sounds like you worked it out, tim. That’s good. Clare is getting her buns beat good on Sweeties right now.

  • Angela Bauer

    Personally I am thrilled that CF Worldwide will be selling the fabulous Clare Fonda videos directly.

    Today my loving husband and I ordered 3 of those, to take advantage of the sweet deal.

    In many cases it is exciting to view the clips as they appear, anticipating the next couple of minutes of the story to only be revealed at some future time. Then eventually a few of the clips get combined into “full” versions. Yet with longer stories, such as the EE videos, there is much to be said for watching them on DVD, without a need to load a subsequent “full” clip.

    Also these DVD offer material from the few Clare Fonda sites I do not subscribe to.

    On video Missy Rhodes can be so charming, yet she also plays a real naughty spoiled brat when the story demands this behavior from her. So I admit to being curious wanting to see her spanked to tears.

    As soon as that package arrives, we will know for sure, in HD and on a large screen!

  • admin

    Angela – thanks for the order. Missy Rhodes is SUPER sweet in person, but she has a naughty side that JUMPS OUT on camera. And her DVD is nearly 2 hours long – so it’s like watching a feature film – and as you say, in high def. no interruptions. Love to hear from you after watching them.

  • Angela Bauer

    Considering how well your work looks on the large flat screen monitor of my computer, I have long looked forward to seeing your recent Hi Def projects on one of our big flat screen TV monitors, or even on a real movie screen using our Barco digital cinema projector.

    Now it is just a question of how long it will take for those precious DVD to reach me.

    Missy has proven to be a really good sport on Clare’s sites. Let’s face it, not every gal is willing to totally commit to stories in which they wind up being changed into a diaper on screen.

    Probably showing enough emotion to display tears during adult spanking videos is not always appropriate.

    It is hardly a secret that I do cry frequently when being spanked, in private at home or during parties. However, this is not the same as making a video.

    Personally when the scenario is right, I do consider seeing tears as well as hearing sobs adds to the value of the scene. It still needs to be in a realistic setting, where it is convincing a relationship exists between the bottom and the top.

    A few years ago there was an adult spanking model (I’m not sure she worked for you and Clare) who found some reason to shed copious tears in nearly every shoot. If her tears were only acting, she was as good at crying on camera as Margaret O’Brien in such films as “Meet Me In St. Louis” While making that film Margaret is reported to have asked the director from which eye he wanted the tears and if they should flow off her cheek. Often I have speculated if the spanking model asked her director the same sort of question.

  • Angela Bauer

    The DVDs I recently ordered arrive about noon today, 22 December 2011. The one I had not seen before is Missy Spanked to Tears.

    Of course that was the first one I played. I started in on a classic combo BluRay/DVD player connected to a 42″ Sony Plasma monitor. The picture and sound were marvelous. The story is wild. Missy looks both adorable and mischievous, not unlike the late Brittany Murphy in her early 20s.

    After I had enjoyed the first hour, my loving husband came home. He suggested moving the DVD to our media room with the Barco digital cinema projector and an 18′ screen.

    Let me tell you, only a top grade camera in the hands of an experienced director of photography, could produce this quality of picture.

  • admin

    Thanks for the feedback Angela. Really glad you appreicate the look of the DVD – High Def. cameras with no compression like the computer files from sites must have….We often add little extras to the scenes – like new transitions that are exclusive to the DVDs.

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