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Halloween Spankings

by on Oct.24, 2012, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking, spanking soap opera, spanking sorority girls

Halloween, with its sexy costumes and playful atmosphere, seems like a great marriage for spanking scenes.  We have Halloween scenes for two of our sites.  The Spanking Sorority Girls Halloween scene started running today.

In this scene, Karina, Riley, Kat and Amaya all begin spanking each other because they get in a fight about who should’ve arranged the party that no one showed up to.


Veronica went home to have a secret party and her mom catches her.  I really believe that Crystal (who plays Veronica’s mom) and Veronica make the most realistic and amazing mother/daughter team I have ever filmed for spanking.


The sorority Halloween scene will end with Sarah Gregory spanking Christy Cutie in some excellent costumes that the models brought to the shoot themselves.  Veronica brought hers (she has tons) and the rest were provided by the house where I often shoot (they are loaded with sexy costumes that come with the rental of the house).


The girls had a blast shooting this Halloween scene.


On Friday, My Spanking Roommate will begin a Halloween scene with Madison Martin and Chloe Elise.  This is noteworthy in that as far as I can tell, this will be the last ever new spanking scene released with Chloe Elise in it – as she retired from spanking at the end of last year.  Chloe was a fantastic spanking model and will be missed – but with her own authentic cheerleader costume and her desire to make a great scene – this is an excellent way to go out!


She and Madison went at each other hard on this scene.

Happy Halloween!!





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  • tim

    Excellent vids to come and entertain us with gorgeous girls spanking each othermaking botties blushy and cuddling them better ,bestfrom,Tim.

  • Dave

    What Tim said! 🙂 🙂

  • Mike

    i noticed and knew chloe elise been retired from spanking business she wrote about it on her blog before she shut down the blog

    was kind of sad she left but hey nothing we can do about it they made decison need respect that. i often wonder if spanking still part of there private life guess we never will know

  • admin

    I think (but don’t know) that spanking is still part of Chloe’s private life. She was really into it, so it is hard to imagine she gave it up entirely. Maybe at the end of the year I will do a blog paying tribute to all the models who gave up spanking shoots this year – since there were many.

  • tim

    Interesting i believe young Kat has as well? best,Tim.

  • admin

    Yes Kat has retired from spanking, Tim. But she has committed to finishing out a series of spanking scenes for the Spanking Sorority Girls site – exclusively. So you will be seeing her on that site for another few months – into next year.

  • tim

    Good to hear that ,she has done some good scenes ,wonder why the girls leave it ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    I would say that there are a number of reasons why models leave the spanking model scene. For some, it is a boyfriend who no longer wants her to work in the industry. For others, it is just a feeling that they want to do other things. I will write a big blog about this some time – in a couple of months – and list all the models who retired from the scene.

  • tim

    Yes of course lovely new girls join up on the sites you run which is great ,best ,Tim.

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