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Please Give Your Opinion On Potential New Site

by on Sep.28, 2012, under Spanking

So I have been contemplating starting a new site.  Not because I have a lot of free time – I assure you running all these sites plus working on my little indie films keeps me time challenged.  But here is where this is coming from, and this is why I am soliciting opinions for readers of this blog.

I have a clips4sale store called Clare Fonda’s Hot Girls Spanked.  You can buy individual clips on that store, priced around a dollar per minute.  Many fans have told me they never buy those clips because it is too costly.  Definitely it is more cost effective to join a site.  Well, I am one of the only clip stores that shoots exclusive scenes just for C4S.  Most of the other scenes from other sites you can also see as a member of their spanking site.

Some of my clips have sold through the roof.  But many have only sold to maybe 6 or 7 people.  In the entire world.  I have a fairly large number of those clips and they are really terrific scenes that are not being viewed (outside of the few who bought them plus some other shady people who support piracy).

So I am thinking of starting a new site that will begin with some of these clips.  I was also thinking of tying it in with Veronica Ricci, who I shoot the most, and she could help me create and shoot various scenes, and star in many of them.  Her name will no doubt appear in the site name.  Veronica and I shoot a lot of trilogies – three scenes with a related theme or character – so maybe that will be a point of emphasis.  I have had some discussions with Veronica so far and she is very interested.

The would not be one of our spanking soap opera sites, but more like Girl Spanks Girl, where a variety of scenes and characters appear in random fashion.

What do you guys think?  Would you support another new site?  One with a variety of styles of spanking?  That featured a nice dose of Veronica, as well as many other new models and many of our regulars.  Initially it would run on its own membership and not be part of a larger site pass.  But it could eventually morph into a 6 site special (up from the present 5 site special).

There would occasionally be some scenes that maybe 6 or 7 people purchased from the Clips Store.

What do you guys think?  Good idea?  Any suggestions or questions?

Here are a couple of photos from scenes that are candidates to appear on the site.


The scene in which Pop diva Veronica spanks her manager Daisy sold to less than 10 people.


This clip of Genesis as Dixie’s mom has picked up steam lately so it may or may not be a candidate for the new site.  You get the idea.

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Interview with Heather Green

by on Sep.22, 2012, under Interviews

Heather Green is a beautiful new spanking model who I had the opportunity to shoot during the Shadow Lane convention recently.  She is tall, lean, has a curvy bottom and lots of energy.  She can take a very hard spanking, and is pretty good at giving one, as well.  She is just now making her mark on various spanking sites, and currently appears on Spanked Call Girls with her good friend Alex Reynolds.  Heather was gracious enough to give me outstanding answers to my 10 questions (plus a bonus one).  Here is what Heather had to say:


1.  Do you consider yourself a spanko (ie someone into spanking) and if so, when did you get started, how did it happen (first time if you remember) and how much of a spanko would you consider yourself?

HEATHER: I have considered myself to be into spanking since I knew what the word meant. I have been fascinated and slightly obsessed, with the idea since I was a very young child, but I was never spanked as a kid. I do, however, remember it being referenced quite often. There was a gold-backed children’s book about a mother cat and her kittens that had been very mischievous. It illustrated a picture of one of the kittens over the mother cat’s knee, kicking and crying during a spanking while the other kittens waited in line for their turn. I can’t describe why this gave me the chills as a six year old, but I distinctly remember looking over the back over and over in private (in my closet) for fear of someone seeing me reading it and thinking I was doing something wrong. It felt shameful for some reason. There were many, many other examples of this behavior through my childhood, teenage years and my adulthood. So I would definitely consider myself a 100% hard-wired spanko.

I’ve gone through the stages of discovering my obsession with spanking, being afraid of it, being ashamed and disgusted, finding others who were just like me, and finally accepting it as a part of who I am. It was a lengthy, and unfortunately embarrassing process, but I am who I am because of it.

My first spanking was when I was 20 years old by my current boyfriend. We weren’t romantically involved at the time, but we were both each other’s first real life experience with spanking. I met him through an online yahoo spanking group while he was overseas and I was living with my vanilla boyfriend of four years. We had been communicating heavily for two months prior to him coming to live in Vacaville, CA, located about 30 minutes from me. We talked about everything, he knew thoroughly who I was as a spanko before we met in person. I craved discipline and structure from someone independent and different from the social norm. He was exactly that, he was confident in who he was as a spanko and desired the same connection as me. We talked for up to eight hours at a time over instant messages. The first time he spanked me we were in his apartment hanging out like we usually did. I was a nervous wreck and he wanted to get the first time over with. It was purely experimental. We wanted to make sure we had the mechanics down before pursuing any type of discipline/structured dynamic. It took me almost 2 hours of sitting on the couch to finally go through with it. Once I was over his lap I remember thinking “wow, this isn’t a big deal at all”. It felt good to finally be in a position that I had craved since childhood. Things eventually escalated from there and we developed a very strong relationship both as a dynamic and a friendship.


2.  In our scenes, you switched – spanked and got spanked.  Do you have a preference?  How much do you like one vs. the other? (In the above photo Heather is demonstrating a very nice impact shot.  She prefers not to top, but she is still very good at it).

HEATHER: I definitely prefer getting spanked over anything else. I am unable to truly identify with topping, as I don’t feel dominant in any way as a spanko.


3.  You worked with your friend Alex Reynolds in our first scene, spanking each other.  What was that like?

HEATHER: I love Alex! We play really well off of eachother. Its usually very effortless. We have been getting spanked together for a while now, so I think we know each other’s vibe. We tend to keep it really goofy. The very first time I spanked her it was with a stock of celery and recorded on an iphone. I was really awkward with it but it was a blast. She’s actually gotten really good a giving a firm spanking, though. She knows how to make it feel ultra stingy with her hand. She definitely learned well from her Dom/boyfriend and one of my best friends Malignus. Honestly, I was really nervous about topping in a video since I have very little experience with it, but getting to do it with Alex made me feel a million times more comfortable.

4.  You worked with Veronica Ricci in the second.  What was that like?

HEATHER: Veronica is such a spunky and outgoing girl. She’s really good at improvising things to say in a matter of seconds, which in turn helped me stay on my toes and think quickly. The scene I did with her was probably the silliest one I’ve ever been involved in. I would absolutely love to work with her again in the future.


5.  In the scene with Veronica you had to play a character who was getting taught a lesson about blow jobs using a banana.  (Above photo shows Veronica spanking Heather for an upcoming scene on Spanked Call Girls in which Veronica teaches Heather how to give a BJ on a banana). How awkward was that and care to share anything about this experience (was it the first time giving a BJ to a banana)?

HEATHER: It wasn’t awkward at all because I was just having fun with it. My philosophy with any awkward situation is that if you don’t want to feel awkward, then you have the power to choose to not feel awkward.  So I made the conscious choice to just let it be fun! It certainly turned out to be outrageously silly, and I had to try really hard not to laugh, especially when I got yelled at by Veronica for biting the tip of the banana off and spitting it on the ground.

I can’t say I have ever practiced giving a blowjob to a banana, or any other phallic object for that matter. It was never high on the priority list.



6.  Most models say they channel a certain character or movie when the portray a call girl for this site?  How did you create your character?

HEATHER: I wasn’t used to having to be mean and catty to Alex. I had to think of some really mean things to say to her, that I normally wouldn’t even fathom saying in real life. The character type that popped into my head during that scene was the movie Mean Girls. I pictured myself as one of them; arrogant, self- absorbed, immature, and just plain mean! It helped a lot. It’s not normally in my nature to tell someone that I’m prettier or more suited for something than someone else (I had to say things along these lines). But I had to fake it and try my best to act like a rude, selfish, bitchy, call girl.

7.  What would you say the hardest spanking you received from a male, and the hardest from a female – that you feel comfortable talking about?

HEATHER: I made the mistake of getting two speeding tickets, going the same speed, on the same highway, and in the time span of two months. Travis (my top/boyfriend) was really not amused by this. He had already spanked me for the first ticket so when he found out about the second one, he gave me probably the hardest spanking I’ve ever had from a male. It consisted of his hand, a hairbrush, and many many strokes with his belt. I can’t say exactly how long it lasted, but I remember standing in the corner thinking it had been upwards of 30 minutes, and I would give anything for it to end. However, as I was standing in the corner, he asked me a question in which I failed to respond correctly by forgetting to say “sir”. This was an ongoing problem throughout the punishment so I knew it was the last straw. He held me by the waist while I was standing there and gave me some of the most severe hand swats that I have ever felt over an already very sore and red behind. I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket since!!

8.  How often would you say you get spanked each month and what are some typical reasons for you getting spanked.

HEATHER: I get swatted at on a daily basis. My boyfriend and I are very playful in that sense. He swats me for having an “attitude” or saying something silly and dumb. Really anything I do can warrant a swat or two. Once in a while I will say or do something so outrageously silly that he will grab a flip flop, book, paddle, or anything within reach to swat me with. This usually ends with a laugh from him, and a grouchy face or slight tear from me. As far as the more serious stuff goes, I generally behave myself really well! It’s the big adult things that would warrant a serious spanking. Like getting a ticket, or most likely doing something that puts my health at risk. Overall, when it comes to the playful stuff, it’s daily, when it comes to the serious stuff, it’s rare.

9.  You seem very thin, but with a curve to your bottom.  Do you exercise (for the buns) and diet a lot?  What’s your secret?

HEATHER: I try really hard not to get into the dieting thing. It’s not healthy for an already healthy girl to think about it too much. I do, however, exercise almost every day. I’m a bit of a health nut in that sense. I’ve always been very athletic, so I easily feel a lull in my energy if that aspect is ever lacking, even a little bit. I don’t think there is a real secret that will work for everyone the same way. Personally, I just know that if I stay active every day, I’ll remain healthy and happy, and apparently acquire a curvy backside in the meantime 😉

10.  Any interests you care to share outside of spanking?

HEATHER: Lately I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel frequently. I’ve seen a new country and over 30 new states. Many of these adventures I’ve been able to share with Alex, and I think we counted about 20 new states that we saw together. It keeps me feeling lively and I hope to continue exploring new places. I also am an avid snowboarder and can’t wait to see what this upcoming season has in store for me regarding that. On a smaller scale, I love reading, running/working out, my dog, my car, and swimming in large bodies of water J

11.  BONUS QUESTION:  What famous person would you like to spank?  And which one would you like to have spank you?  Pick one male, one female please.

HEATHER: I would like to be spanked by Ryan Gosling because he portrays himself in a very quiet, mysterious, and dominant manner. But he really seems so gentle. Also, he’s Ryan Gosling 😛

I cant think of any famous person I would like to spank because I don’t really switch. But if by spank you mean hit really hard in the backside with a bag of rocks, I would have to pick any of the Jersey Shore characters.

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A Rising Spanking Director

by on Sep.16, 2012, under Spanking


Above are some photos taken from the new scene running on Girl Spanks Girl.  It was the second spanking scene conceived and directed by Veronica Ricci.  The first she directed is presently running on Spanked Call Girls.

The photo montage above has lots of spanking with hand and implements of course, a beautiful butt being kissed and an interesting poster up on this Indian girl’s wall.  Maybe Star Wars is some Ancient Indian Tribe or perhaps some mystical battle?

Veronica is demonstrating a real knack for directing.  Her scenes have been brimming with high energy and though sometimes the scenes are slightly erotic, the spankings are delivered soundly.  Just ask Missy Martinez, the co-star of this scene.  This is a direct quote from Missy – that was captured on film and will appear on the blooper clip on the site –  “Dude I almost cried when you spanked me it hurt so bad!!!”  Missy was referring to how much harder Veronica (who she referred to as “dude”) spanks these days.  Missy was seriously walking around the set rubbing her butt and truly had difficulty sitting.

While Veronica encourages a little wackiness in  her scenes (things like Missy saying “I’m going to spank the crazy out of you, white girl!”), it’s nice to know that she likes the spanking action hard.  The Indian scene included among other things – nipple clamps and a peace pipe that drugs girls so Veronica can take them back to her place and spank them for the sins they committed against “her people.”  What’s not to love about that?

Check out Veronica’s blog for more info on what happens in the scene – including many more photos.  And Veronica is offering a prize to anyone who joins the spanking sites through her blog.

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Two Girls and a Paddle in Classroom

by on Sep.12, 2012, under Spanked school girls, Spanking


Recently I had a member of one of the spanking sites comment on how he didn’t like the big school girl shoot because he thought guys were conditioned to only focus on two girls at a time.  I don’t really agree with that as multiple girl spanking scenes have always been the most popular of what I shoot.  However, it is an interesting concept.  Two girls, one classroom.  The spanking is focused on only these two.


There is just such a scene running now on My Spanking Roommate.  It includes Madison Martin and the Teacher Assistant Tawnee (played by Madison Young).  They spank each other and paddle each other.  And I will admit this was a much easier shoot to manage with just two girls.  I am really crazy about the scene.  But I will admit it is not the same as having 8 schoolgirls spanked by two teachers.  Still, variety is nice.  And sometimes more cost-efficient for producers.

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New DVDs Include Greatest Mother/Daughter Spanking Ever!

by on Sep.10, 2012, under Spanking


Three new DVDs are being offered this week, for PURCHASE.  They include Exclusive Education Year 4 (which means Years 1 to 6 are all available on DVD now), NEVER TOO OLD TO BE SPANKED, which includes a new intro from Veronica Ricci in which she sets up all of the spanking scenes including three sisters, Veronica, Kat and Stevie Rose who get spanked by their mother (played by Clare Fonda of course) and Veronica even spanks her mom twice because you are really never too old to be spanked, right?

Clare of course was one of the all time great mom spankers (though she really looks young for a mom).


This new set is completed by Spanking Sorority Girls – Veronica’s Intro.  It includes Veronica getting spanked twice be her mother (played by Mistress Crystal) and getting spanked by the head of the sorority she joins (played by Roxy Jezel).  Any time you ask Veronica what the hardest spanking she ever received was, she always points to this scene with Roxy.

And of all of the mother/daughter spanking scenes I have shot or watched, I have never seen one that tops the first spanking Mistress Crystal gives Veronica as her mom.  Crystal looks very much like Veronica’s mom, a tall red head, and delivers a very real and very hard spanking.  Veronica’s reactions are incredibly real in this stern spanking.  A must for collectors of mother/daughter spankings.

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Returned From Shadow Lane

by on Sep.04, 2012, under Spanking

Well I am back to the normal grind now after having been in Las Vegas for a week at the famous spanking convention Shadow Lane.  Thanks to Tony and Eve, who sponsor it and run an amazing event!

It was a combination of activities for me and my model/guest Veronica Ricci.  You should check out Veronica’s Blog to read a way better account of the activities than I could ever present!


In short, there were parties.  The photo above was taken at the main Saturday night formal party and features three of the models I shot with this trip, Jenni Mack, Sarah Gregory and Veronica Ricci.  It is bad form to shoot towards all the activity as some spankos do not want their photos on the internet – so you’ll have to trust me – the room was filled with lots of people dancing, eating and having a great time.  Some were even spanking each other.  Often.


I shot on 3 different days.  The first shoot I did was with Alex Reynolds (who has shot with me before) and Heather Green, who is new to the CF sites.  They are good friends and had no trouble pounding on each other’s behinds.  The photo above will be a scene for Spanked Call Girls.  It’s a 2-parter – the second part will feature Heather and Veronica.  So stay tuned for that.


Another activity was to photograph and videotape Veronica doing some crazy things dressed as an alien girl.  I will defer you to her for more details on that.  So far, this is a non spanking related project.  A tease photo above shows the sexy alien girl posing in front of the Las Vegas sign.

That’s all I got for the Shadow Lane report.  It’s time for me to start cranking on the sites again!

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