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Spankings and a Thermometer Equal Lots of Pain

by on Jan.22, 2013, under spanked call girls

Our good friend Veronica Ricci has been on a bit of a spanking roll recently, doing several new shoots in a short amount of time.  And with all this experience, she has taken her pain tolerance to a new level.

Asphyxia breaks a paddle over Veronica’s butt for real!

A new scene on Spanked Call Girls finds her getting a paddle broken over her bum by Asphyxia Noir, who was doing her first ever spanking shoot here.  We discovered that young Ashpyxia can dish out a very hard spanking, and Veronica had several marks and bruises after this shoot to prove it. Asphyxia also got word to us later that her hand had swollen from spanking Veronica with all her might.

Veronica spanks Asphyxia hard

Veronica got her turn to spank Asphyxia, too, and wow, Asphyxia said Veronica could “spank really, really hard.”  Behind the scenes of the shoot, Asphyxia was walking around rubbing her red and speckled backside, and said she was having serious trouble sitting down.

Asphyxia plays a nurse in the scene and does a great job acting as the formerly naughty nurse who has learned the errors of her way and is attempting to instill new found discipline to the call girl Veronica.

You want to stick that where?!?!

For some reason, this includes taking Veronica’s temperature anally.

This is a great scene that was conceived and directed by Veronica.  Check out her blog and the site!

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  • Tim

    Yes this is a very hot series with the 2 girls spanking each other and playing ,you gave young Anikka big spanks on Spanked sweeties ,the cute little ash blonde ,best,Tim.

  • Cutiepie

    wow:) I love this update!!!!

    Its cute how Asphyxia broke a paddle across Veronica’s pretty butt:)

  • Mike

    bet veronciaa really is one of those model and female who really into spankings and enjoy not only getting spanked but also being able to dish out spankings. seem like everyone she has spanked walk away shock how hard her spankings are

    not only that i think not suire Veroncia is a short female and seem from her size she hand out a big spanking and make person she spanked feel it for long time well what can u do if person do if they ask or want be spanked hard and spankings hurt

  • Tim

    Yes Mike i agree it is not really needed ,best ,Tim.

  • admin

    Glad you like the update, Cutiepie. The broken paddle was of course not planned and Asphyxia went with it when it happened. I was beyond pleased!

  • admin

    Veronica is very tall, not short at all.

  • admin

    There is a place for swearing in a spanking scene – it just depends on the vibe of that particular scene. I always allow lots of freedom with models in scenes and think it’s great that every scene is not exactly the same – over and over – like I see on some other sites. Of course swearing in every scene would get monotonous. It’s all about balance and variety.

  • Mike

    well i guess freedom is ok and guess model like fact you allow them to do what want or say and depend on moods for scene maybe that how they feel at moment but does seem like she dishing out hard spankings too to the naughty boys guess naughty boy get it just as hard as if female getting spanked by her

    agree about balance and every thing and variety might be another thing if person like to see or hear swearing going on they might like the spanking and vdieo but hate the swearing

  • admin

    I should stipulate that while I do offer models freedom to perform unique scenes, there are some requirements. And spanking as hard as they can, while also taking it as hard as they can is one of the requirements. Some deliver hard spankings harder then others as you can tell. And Veronica has become a very hard spanker and she can take a hard one, too. Glad you’re a fan.

  • Mike

    well lot of model love having freedom to do what they want feel would make the shoots and video look real too and spanking be as hard as they can give too be good idea too. the model iam sure want walk away knowing they did the spankings as hard as they wanted too and should of and iam sure one rubbing their sore butt after will know they got spanked hard for real yes i can tell some do delver hard spankings i know Veronica is one as Snow mercy and others

  • Tim

    Yes young Veronica has huge spanks from the nurse for her therapy session but Veronica will get her own back ,best,Tim.

  • Alex Reynolds

    Oh wow! Breaking implements is always super exciting! 😀

  • Tim

    Cameraman ,little Casey is a cute new spankee girl andis well spanked by lovely Syra ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    Glad you like Casey, Tim. I will blog about her in the next day or so. She is interesting.

  • Tim

    Cameraman when i clicked the 2 new vids at My spanking roommate ,it showed google likk broken ,please will you check this ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    Fixed the broken links on Roommate site, Tim. Thanks for pointing that out

  • Tim

    Thanks ,it is a very nice new series with lovely new girl Annika and lovely Mary Jane being spanked by her,Annika spanks deftly ,best from ,Tim.

  • william

    Veronica is great. I love her goofy sense of humor. It’s real sexy and makes the spankings that much hotter.

  • admin

    Agreed William, Veronica’s sense of humor in scenes is refreshing, but she also brings and takes VERY hard spankings, which is good too, of course. And often she can turn from comedy to rage spanking on a dime. I have not found any quite like her in this biz. – hence she is a huge part of our sites.

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