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I Just Joined Twitter

by on Dec.29, 2012, under Spanking

Hey readers, I just joined twitter so please check me out and follow me HERE

The new site starring Veronica Ricci will launch VERY soon – maybe even next week.  The above photo is from that site – and for now part of it is used on Twitter (shhh – let’s keep that a secret just between my 7 followers so far)




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Merry Christmas Spankings!

by on Dec.21, 2012, under Spanking

Well Christmas is getting closer.  And while in my personal life, Christmas is usually sad, never has anything to do with spanking, business is a little slower, traffic is bad and I transform into some sort of combo of the Grinch and Scrooge, I still like to celebrate with the site members by sharing a few Christmas episodes.  No “bah humbugs” for you guys.

Sierra Salem and Kay Richards pal around on set

In the above photo, Kay Richards poses with Sierra Salem in what was Sierra’s last ever new spanking scene, which appears on My Spanking Roommate. Sierra had a nice run as a spanking model and was very popular for a few years.  But like so many others this year, she walked away from the biz.

Clare shows Kay who is boss at Christmas

Also of note, this is Clare Fonda‘s second last new spanking scene that you will ever see (her New Years episode is still coming for you Clare fans).  The ladies had fun on this shoot, but did deliver some hard spankings, too.  At the time of the shoot, no one realized the significance, of course, so it was just another shoot – but a good one, with a nice Christmas vibe around the set.

Was Veronica naughty or nice? Looks like naughty.

The above photo is from Spanking Sorority Girls, and has Veronica’s mom (played by Mistress Crystal) spanking her hard.  Veronica Ricci has a really high pain tolerance, but she did have to cut once during this scene.  Crystal (as Veronica’s mom) is a pro domme and spanks really, really hard.  We didn’t really allow for a warmup – just started with the hard spanking – hence the one “cut.”  Merry Christmas, Veronica if you’re reading this.  It is a long scene, so it really gets going and Veronica was a super trooper on this one.

Koko Kitten, who watches and laughs while Veronica gets spanked, then of course gets spanked, too, is a rising star on our sites.  She can take and give good spankings, is outstanding verbally, and is well, really, really cute and cuddly.  I am mad crazy about Koko and she is becoming one of my new favorites.

Didn’t know Clare has a way with anal beads…hmmmm….

Also of note, Veronica got anal beads from none other than Clare Fonda in this episode.  They were very LARGE anal beads and I didn’t know how many of them Clare would insert.  I was surprised to discover ALL of them.  The last couple look, wow, giant.  Maybe this is Veronica’s Christmas present to all of her fans who enjoy a good anal Holiday.

I do wish all of my blog readers and site members a very Happy Holiday!  Working on the sites is a great way for me to power through my own Holiday situation.  It’s like I am close to all my friends (even if it is only on my computer) like my blog readers, Clare, Kay, Koko and Veronica.

Also shout-outs to Snow Mercy, Alex Reynolds, Christy Cutie, Nikki Rogue, Missy Rhodes, Ten Amorette, Ashley Rose, Audrey Knight, Lana, Genesis, and Sarah Gregory – it’s been a great year my friends!!

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New DVDs Available

by on Dec.17, 2012, under Spanking

Three more DVDs have been added to our available DVD Library.  They include and oldie-but-goodie called YOU STOLE MY MAN, that is in Standard Def., but includes a super hard spanking between Spanky and Dahlia, along with Courtney Chambers and Patty.

Spanky can give and take extremely hard spankings

It also includes COPS AND CONS, with Clare Fonda and Miss Chris spanking Jenni Mack and Sarah Gregory with great force and ends with Officer Chris spanking Clare to tears.  The third new DVD has many Call Girls getting spanked and was written, directed and stars Veronica Ricci, as well as Aaliya Love and many others.

Jenni lets Clare know that “stick thing” hurts like Hell!

Officer Chris teaches the conning Sarah Gregory a lesson or two

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Spanking Soap Opera Revenge Three Years In Making

by on Dec.13, 2012, under spanked girlfriends, spanking soap opera

It was over three years ago on My Spanking Roommate that Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) began looking for her ex-girlfriend’s new girlfriend.  Many episodes were dedicated to Kay’s quest and she spanked many a fine bootie to get that information.  The enemy girl’s name was Sarah.

It took Kay over 3 years to get Sarah over her knee

Well, Kay finally tracked her down.  So what to do?  Well since Kay is a bit on the tiny side, and Sarah is 6 ft. tall, Kay had to get Sarah to her place on false pretenses.  So she hired Sarah as a model, drugged her, restrained her arms while over Kay’s knee and of course spanked her.

The interesting note on the behind-the-scenes for this episode is that we asked Kym to choose her implement.  Her character’s bedroom for the site is actually shot in Kym’s real life apartment, so Kym went and got her bath brush to use for the scene.  It left some nasty marks on Kym’s butt.  After the shoot, Kym proclaimed loudly, “Damn that hurt WAY more than I thought it was gonna.  I shoulda picked something else!!”

Do the big ones always win in the end?

The reason Kym got it was because like many of the scenes on this site, it was a switch scene, meaning they are meant to spank each other. And like all good spanking switch scenes, the much larger and stronger girl almost always ends up overpowering the smaller girl and spanking her right back at ya.

My only regret is that after a 3 year build up, the scene should’ve run a little longer, but these ladies could NOT take that wicked bath brush for very long.  They powered through it best they could.  So the scene is a tad on the short side, but still wildly entertaining IMHO.

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Alexis Grace: The Perfect Switch

by on Dec.11, 2012, under Spanked school girls

I have officially shot with 250 models now (as I have blogged about) and I am here to tell you that many of them can be spanked in scenes or spank in scenes really well, but not that many are equally great at doing both.  Many of the best bottoms in the biz. are very submissive in real life.  They can take super hard spankings, and act the part perfectly.  But when it comes to giving them, while acting dominant, it is just not in their nature.

Alexis Demonstrates Her Mad Topping Skills

Some of the models I shoot with who are great at both you can probably figure out – since I shoot with them often.  Alexis Grace, who is now on Girl Spanks Girl as the naughty tutor, is the perfect switch.  In the first two scenes in that series, she spanked Layden Sinn and Alyssa Branch, who she was hired to tutor.  It’s not just that she can spank them hard, but it is her tone and demeanor.  So strict.  So stern.  You would never imagine she would wail and carry on like a little girl when it was her turn to get spanked.

Alexis can take a spanking equally well

But that is her gift.  And that’s what she does in the latest scene from Naughty Tutor, as she gets spanked by Layden.   She kicks and carries on and her bouncy bottom gets pretty red.  The perfect switch.


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Spanking Model #250 is LEXI BELLE

by on Dec.06, 2012, under Spanking

Well Veronica Ricci and I searched long and hard for the special lady to check in as the official 250th model for the CF sites.  Some suggested Francesca Le, who Veronica contacted but discovered that Francesca only shoots for her own site and is exclusive to the Kink site.  We searched and searched and racked our brains until we finally agreed that it had to be Lexi Belle.  We both have had her on our radar as a super cute model who is willing to do some crazy things and she has an amazing bubble butt and the fact that she is popular and has well over 140,000 followers on twitter couldn’t hurt either.  Here is a link to her twitter.

Lexi Belle uses Veronica’s real bath brush on her.

Above is a photo from the scene with Lexi and Veronica that will appear tomorrow on Spanked Call Girls.  Who doesn’t love a bubble bath scene with two hotties?!  They of course end up spanking each other.  An interesting story about that bath brush that Lexi used on Veronica (leaving some interesting marks btw) is that this was Veronica’s real bath brush.  I couldn’t find a good one for spanking – the modern ones all come with weird handles not really designed for spanking as they extend onto the brush portion.  So I bought a new one and gave that along with $20 to Veronica in a trade for her bath brush that happens to be ideal for spanking.  She laughed at this trade, but was a good sport to make it (I was worried since I don’t really know if ladies become attached to a bath brush or not).

Model #250 has an anal surprise for Veronica

As you can see from the above photo, Veronica also took some anal beads.  This is a super sexy scene with really good spanking.  We shot two other scenes the same day that will be used for Veronica’s new site, which is called Spanking Veronica Works.  Look for that to debut some time around February of 2013.  We have been shooting a great deal for it recently and “WOW” is all I can say for now.  But I’m sure Veronica will share more about shooting with Lexi, because she loved it.  She directed all the scenes.  So check out Veronica’s BLOG as well for more info.

In the meantime, I hope you guys love Lexi at least half as much I do!  A very worthy model #250.  Also check out all of our models on this one LIST of models.  Who knows, maybe some time next year we’ll make it to 300 and be back asking for more suggestions.

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Favorite Blog Listings Will Return

by on Dec.02, 2012, under Spanking

I upgraded the software for my blog, which means I need to learn how to do everything all over again without a manual.  So the Favorite Blogs and all the other listing on the side of my blog are gone for now – until I figure out how to put them back.  I don’t think most of my readers are that concerned, but I actually read all of those blogs and appreciate the convenience of simply viewing my own blog and linking to the other blogs that I like to read.

Veronica Ricci eventually laughs at her “sister” getting spanked. Until it’s her turn.

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying the new series up on Girl Spanks Girl.  It was a custom that stars Syren De Mer (very, very stern) as the governess to Kay Richards and Veronica Ricci.  I found it pretty hilarious that the custom guy asked if Veronica and Kay would have any problem playing stoners.  If he only knew…..


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