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France Scenes Coming At Ya

by on May.30, 2013, under Spanking

Here is an interesting fact from the first two scenes to be released from our recent big spanking shoot in France – both scenes were photographed by hot models.

The Scene up now on Spanked Call Girls, starring Nikki Rogue and Koko Kitten, was photographed by Veronica Ricci.

Photo by Veronica Ricci

Veronica has a great eye and has been doing some pro camera work and even co-directed a feature film recently.

She volunteered (with maybe a little coaxing) to take the stills and operate one of the video cameras for this scene, in which Nikki and Koko play call girls operating in France, who of course end up spanking each other.

The fact that we shot the scene in the very room that Veronica was trying to sleep in may have had a little to do with her availability, too.

Photo by Snow Mercy

In the France shoot scene that is up now on Spanked Sweeties, Snow Mercy interviews her good friend Nikki Rogue about her childhood spanking experiences, which were many.

Then when one of Nikki’s childhood spankings was re-enacted, Snow operated the video camera, and also took the stills for the scene. Snow did great work.

I’m hoping these two ladies don’t put the cameraman out of a job.

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Happy Birthday, Paris Kennedy

by on May.26, 2013, under Birthday Spankings

Today is Paris Kennedy’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Paris!!!

Paris Kennedy celebrating her birthday last Friday night

She had a crazy birthday party on Friday, which I am happy to report that I attended. I saw random strangers having sex (much of it anal), girls making out, spanking breaking out, lots of drinking, a role play in which a lady gave birth and her baby was sacrificed.  The lady was none other than our good pal Clare Fonda.

The party was at a dungeon and packed with many mega hot fetish/spanking models. On quick glance I noticed Veronica Ricci, Kymberly Jane (aka Kay Richards), Ashley Edmonds, Phoenix Askani, Lynn Pops, Anastasia Pierce, Christina Carter, Jamie Foster, Star Bound, Nikki Rogue, and many others I didn’t get a chance to talk to.

Paris parties with her old pal Nikki 666

I was pleased to see Nikki 666, who used to model for us and is now a photographer. We started filming Paris when she just turned 18, and she was often paired in spanking shoots with Nikki, who had just turned 19 and was fresh off the bus from Ohio.

Paris Kennedy when she was a Fetish Baby

As a tribute to Paris, a goddess of fetish, I am posting this collage taken from her early shoots with us. Gotta love how Paris used to play with fire – getting her boobs and butt lit up for Girl Spanks Girl.

Sorority girl Paris about to get paddled

I have worked with her recently as well, for the Spanking Sorority Girls site.

Wish I had a few spanking pics from her party last Friday to post.  But I left around 2 a.m.-ish and missed the largest breakout of spanking (heard it got butt smacking crazy).  Moral of story – Paris has the most spectacular birthday parties and DO NOT leave until it is officially over.

Have a great day, Paris!

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France Spanking Awards

by on May.21, 2013, under Spanked school girls, Spanking, spanking soap opera, spanking sorority girls

If you follow my blog, you know that I shot with 5 of my top models IN FRANCE last week.

Veronica Ricci gets an outdoor spanking from Snow Mercy for sorority site.

There is so much to share about the trip. Great scenes, models giving their all, some vacationing (and drinking).

But for now, let me share my votes for various spanking awards from the shoot.

Koko Kitten knows how to pout!

BEST POUTER: This is Koko Kitten‘s award – no competition. The other girls have great reactions when getting spanked, but no one can pout like Koko.

Let the marking begin on this ginger bum

BEST MARKER: Veronic Ricci has a cute ginger bottom that can take extremely hard spankings. If we added up all the spanks that were received on this trip, she would win “most swats received” in a landslide. She has a way of acting up in scenes that just calls for extra spankings. The equation is thus — ginger butt + lots of spankings = biggest marks.

Her poor bum got purple, black & blue, speckled – and sore. She said her butt hurt all the way home on that looonnng flight back.

Missy Rhodes would be a runner up in this category – as she got speckled quite a bit the week of the shoot.

Nikki Rogue and Snow Mercy sporting super slick outfits!

BEST OUTFITS: This one is very competitive. Veronica’s French maid outfit was amazing. Missy and Koko sported lots of cute little girl-like outfits that showed off their bottoms.

But the winner is a tie between Nikki Rogue and Snow Mercy who squeezed into super tight, shiny and color coordinated latex outfits for their Domme vs. Domme scene.

WOW is pretty much all one can say when they see these two do battle in this scene that will appear on Spanked Call Girls soon.

No one squeals like Missy Rhodes

BEST SQUEALER: Koko and Nikki can squeal with the best of them. Veronica has her own reactions of shock and awe when spanked – and often pleads for the spanker to stop.  Snow doesn’t get spanked too often, but she has very intense reactions as well.

But no one squeals like cute little Missy Rhodes. And they are very REAL reactions. Missy’s bum experienced a great deal of pain this trip, but she powered through  it and for that we can give thanks.

There was a new model who did one scene for the shoot named Buffy Buffington. She did a great job as well, but since she was in only one scene so she is not eligible for these awards. Sorry, Buffy.

All the ladies on the trip offered something special and there will be many memorable scenes that will be shared with fans of the sites in the weeks and months to come!

Viva la France!

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Big Shoot Happens in France this Week!

by on May.06, 2013, under Spanking

This week I will be traveling with Snow Mercy, Nikki Rogue, Veronica Ricci, Missy Rhodes and Koko Kitten to France for 4 days of shooting spanking scenes.

A new model named Buffy will be meeting us there.

No doubt Snow Mercy will be spanking Missy Rhode’s bottom in France!

So far, one custom scene has been requested (for a reasonable rate) and I encourage anyone reading this to order up a custom scene to his/her liking (price negotiable). For a very discounted rate, the models could do some quickie lines/spanks or say your name.

Spank or be spanked? Veronica likes both

I’m trying to get creative to help fund this adventure. If all goes as planned, it will produce a lot of content for most of the sites, and then give us a little vacation time as well.

We were hooked up with a place to stay. So most likely, a wild and crazy adventure awaits us all.

Young Koko pouts when she is paddled

My goal is to stock up many of the sites with exotic spanking scenes starring many of the top spanking models as well as a few newbees. Three of the models were in the recent Spanking Sorority Girls epic initiation scene – Snow as the supervising teacher, and Koko and Veronica as pledges.

Being a great Producer doesn’t stop Nikki Rogue from getting paddled

Snow and Nikki are working as Associate Producers for this big epic, and Veronica will be directing the scenes for her Spanking Veronica Works site that are shot in France.

I don’t think I will blog while I am there, but I do plan to make one more post before I go and will put some info up on my twitter page.

Please follow me on Twitter and all of the models on this shoot to get the latest spanking info!  We also are on facebook.

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