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Episode 100 on Sorority Site!

by on Apr.01, 2016, under Spanking, spanking sorority girls

It is very exciting to have made it to 100 episodes on the Spanking Sorority Girls site. It doesn’t really seem that long ago that it launched with Veronica Ricci getting spanked by her mother (Mistress Crystal) before being sent away to a school for wayward girls.

Veronica gets spanked by her mom in the very first episode

Veronica gets spanked by her mom in the very first episode

Roxy Jezel was the first Sorority president, but now Veronica holds that honor.

Veronica learns that sorority president Roxy packs a powerful punch

Veronica learns that sorority president Roxy packs a powerful punch

For our 100th episode, we released a very special spanking in the woods episode that includes Teacher Snow Mercy, Veronica, Nikki Rogue, Koko Kitten and Missy Rhodes. There’s lots of spanking going on in those woods in France.

Veronica gets spanked by Teacher Snow and others in Episode 100

Veronica gets spanked by Teacher Snow and others in Episode 100

It was a difficult choice deciding which should be the 100th episode. There are quite a few multiple girl spankings on the site, so picking one that had more than 2 models seemed like a must. Also, occasionally we show off school uniforms, so there was that to consider. The site has a handful of spanking stars, and Veronica and Snow are two at the top of the list. And who doesn’t love to see the excitement and danger of some spanking in the woods? We even had to stop once because we could hear other hikers.

The sorority girls revolt and spank Snow in the woods, too

The sorority girls revolt and spank Snow in the woods, too

Shooting outdoors presents a few audio issues, but ultimately, it wasn’t too difficult choosing this episode to land at 100. The site is going strong and hopefully in a few more years we can bring you another 100 episodes of sorority girls spanking each other!

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Star Power?

by on Mar.03, 2014, under Spanking

Is there star power in the Spanking world? “Sometimes,” would be my anser.

There are some models who are popular and when I have shot them, I have gotten a lot of favorable buzz on Twitter and via emails and blog comments. Certain spanking models always seem to be popular and sell well.

Missy Rhodes a Best Seller

Missy Rhodes a Best Seller

The first time I used Missy Rhodes for a spanking scene on Hot Girls Spanked, it blew up and sold more than 10 times more than any other clip on my clips store.


There are some adult models I have used that are wildly successful, but that success doesn’t always translate to spanking. I used the popular Lexi Belle, who has over 200,000 followers on twitter, and no one ever made a single comment about her scenes. She never tweeted about our shoot or scenes when they were released, but still I figured I would see some feedback about her.

Skin Diamond was very popular

Skin Diamond was very popular

Recently Skin Diamond (109,000 followers) was on Spanked Call Girls and Spanking Veronica Works and I have received a ton of great comments, mostly via email and twitter. Skin did retweet the Spanked Call Girls posting, and it brought a lot of much appreciated attention to the site and my twitter.

Moving forward, I am wondering how to recognize and cast the next model who can become a spanking star.

I have worked with 309 models so far. Perhaps I will just continue to explore all avenues!

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Fet Con Part 3

by on Sep.10, 2013, under Spanking

As promised I will wrap up my observations of the Fetish Convention (Fet Con) I attended a few weeks ago.  I talked about the models I shot with, the models I ran into and didn’t get a chance to shoot. Now I want to share some of the wild and interesting things that go on there.

Flogging went on at one of the parties

It is quite organized, with lots of lectures, vendors fairs and parties. Something is going on virtually all the time one attends.

Our dear Missy Rhodes is a star in the Clips4sale booth

It was held in Tampa, Florida, where it is hot and muggy in August, so the incentive is to stay and play in the hotel where the event is held. Pretty much the entire hotel was filled with kinky people, walking around day and night, letting their freak flag fly so to speak.

Isobel Wren and Sahrye stand on Welcome Mat

An interesting note: at the opening night meet and greet, I met a wonderful guy who seems so happy despite having no legs and calling himself the welcome mat. He encourages young ladies to stand on him and even step on his nuts. Lots of them were complying. Interestingly enough, I scheduled two models, Sahrye and Isobel Wren, for shoots while they were standing on top of him.

There was plenty of spanking going on. And there were two dungeons.  Veronica and I got kicked out of one because we picked up a tawse we thought was available to the public, but it turned out to belong to some player.  A scrawny looking security guard came up to us and was very offended and very serious when trying to lecture us on proper dungeon etiquette. But we left before he could toss us, even though either one of us could take him down on a bad day.

Anyway, the dungeons seemed to be for very serious players, and we hung around the lighter fetish activities after that, including a lesson in hypnosis.

There were many, many fetishes on display and being practiced. Bondage was popular of course.  But foot play seemed to be the most publicly displayed fetish, then probably spanking, and then bondage. And others.  TV, Age play, fire, lift & carry, furries are just some of the others I noticed.

Alexis Grace makes a nice tickle target

We found our pal Alexis Grace getting a brutal tickle session for all to see. At night, the pool and hot tub were very active, and you could sometimes see people making out (or more) in their hotel windows for all to see.

We did manage to get away to go to a nearby museum one day, just to break up all the shooting and observing.

It was quite a trip and I am very interested in attending again next year.

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Exclusive Education 8 Coming Soon

by on Aug.26, 2013, under Spanked school girls

I have all sorts of great stuff for my Fet Con Part 2 blog, but it will have to wait for a couple of days. I have been getting a lot of questions recently about Exclusive Education 8 and I want to clear that up on my blog for those members who read this.

It is something a little different this year, but still involves a lot of school girls. Less than last year because of the magnitude of the shoot – which included an actual field trip to Southern France. So the set up goes like this.

Veronica spanks Celeste Star while Ela Darling waits her turn

Part 1 of the epic starts in a dorm room in the states.  Student Veronica Ricci has learned that Celeste Star and Ela Darling were cheating in class.  Veronica won’t tell Teacher Snow, who is heading the field trip, if the girls agree to take a spanking. So Veronica gives them both a sound hand spanking.

Her classmates really marked up poor Veronica’s bum

But she tells anyway, so the two girls team up and spank Veronica super hard, also using a wooden mirror to mark her heavily.

They wouldn’t smile if they knew what was in store

Part 2 was actually shot in France, so it had the feel of an actual field trip, with the models all staying in one place, and Snow Mercy (as teacher Snow) keeping the girls in line.

It’s Veronica’s turn for the hairbrush

So in the classic tradition of the Exclusive Education series, she spanks each naughty schoolgirl one by one with hand on the first round, then with hairbrush on the second round.The schoolgirls are Veronica Ricci, Missy Rhodes, Nikki Rogue, Koko Kitten and Buffy Buffington.

Revenge is sweet

There was a Part 3 shot on a hike, with some of the schoolgirls looking for revenge.

I plan to shoot one more scene to complete the big production back here in the U.S. Perhaps I can round up Principal Miller for this. Anyway, I tried something a little different this year, but plan to shoot more girls and keep it local next year. But I like to experiment with new ideas from time to time always looking for the next big home run!

The first part will start this Wednesday.

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Big Shoot Happens in France this Week!

by on May.06, 2013, under Spanking

This week I will be traveling with Snow Mercy, Nikki Rogue, Veronica Ricci, Missy Rhodes and Koko Kitten to France for 4 days of shooting spanking scenes.

A new model named Buffy will be meeting us there.

No doubt Snow Mercy will be spanking Missy Rhode’s bottom in France!

So far, one custom scene has been requested (for a reasonable rate) and I encourage anyone reading this to order up a custom scene to his/her liking (price negotiable). For a very discounted rate, the models could do some quickie lines/spanks or say your name.

Spank or be spanked? Veronica likes both

I’m trying to get creative to help fund this adventure. If all goes as planned, it will produce a lot of content for most of the sites, and then give us a little vacation time as well.

We were hooked up with a place to stay. So most likely, a wild and crazy adventure awaits us all.

Young Koko pouts when she is paddled

My goal is to stock up many of the sites with exotic spanking scenes starring many of the top spanking models as well as a few newbees. Three of the models were in the recent Spanking Sorority Girls epic initiation scene – Snow as the supervising teacher, and Koko and Veronica as pledges.

Being a great Producer doesn’t stop Nikki Rogue from getting paddled

Snow and Nikki are working as Associate Producers for this big epic, and Veronica will be directing the scenes for her Spanking Veronica Works site that are shot in France.

I don’t think I will blog while I am there, but I do plan to make one more post before I go and will put some info up on my twitter page.

Please follow me on Twitter and all of the models on this shoot to get the latest spanking info!  We also are on facebook.

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Member Influence on My Spanking Roommate Scene

by on Mar.27, 2013, under Spanking

The best way to get your exact fantasy produced with your favorite models is to order a custom video.

But occasionally, if enough members email with suggestions for a certain idea, I will once in a while work it into a scene if it makes sense.

I was shooting with Missy Rhodes and Madison Martin not too long ago when around the same time there had been a handful of emails asking if it was possible to incorporate some humiliation about someone having a big butt into a scene.

Missy Rhodes makes fun of and spanks Madison’s big bum

Just so happens that Madison has a curvy bootie and she embraces jokes about it.  And so Madison convinced Missy that it would be okay to make fun of her bouncy bottom in a scene.  And that’s what you get in the latest episode on My Spanking Roommate.

It was pretty funny watching Madison tell the ever-so-sweet Missy to bring it.  To call her names, make fun of the curves and spank her hard because she needs it to get her butt in line.  Entertaining!

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Missy Rhodes and Madison Martin Delivering Chemistry

by on Nov.28, 2012, under Spanking

 Missy Rhodes has basically taken over for the retired Chloe Elise as the third star of My Spanking Roommate.

Missy Takes the Pain for our Gain

Madison Martin and Kay Richards are the two main stars, of course.  Missy will be shooting a lot of scenes with Madison (they have an episode up right now) and so chemistry was critical.  I don’t read much about chemistry on spanking blogs, but if two scene performers have bad chemistry, that usually reflects in the scene.

They don’t have to love each other, but they need to connect on some level that can translate for the camera.  Madison and Missy have great chemistry I feel and will be doing some great scenes together.

Madison Martin Gets Wood

Madison can take harder spankings (that is her taking wood in the latest episode).  But Missy is willing to take a little more than she is comfortable with, which accounts for her very real reactions.

Trouble Sitting Down?

I hope you guys are Missy fans!  And that you appreciate the chemistry she and Madison have.  They seem like true friends, with many bonds (other than their spankable booties).

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