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Christy Cutie Becoming a Rising Star

by on Apr.28, 2013, under Spanking

It has been a while since I have interviewed a model and I need to start this up again.  Maybe Christy Cutie, who I am shooting with this week, would be a good candidate.

Christy smiles even though the paddle is coming this week on sorority site

I always love working with Christy. She has become a good spanker as well as (many of you know this) an outstanding bottom.  She can take an incredibly hard spanking and continue bratting off all the while, until on the rare occasion, she actually cries real tears.  She is cute with a nice bum, and so sweet when she’s not being bratty.  What’s not to love?

Christy gets paddled hard – a lot

In the current episode of Spanking Sorority Girls, Christy is getting spanked by Sarah Gregory as the scene leading up to the big initiation scene.

On Wednesday, the same day we are shooting with Christy and Veronica Ricci,  the epic initiation scene with 9 pledges getting spanked and paddled will debut.  Snow Mercy plays the teacher and Sarah Gregory the senior sister.  After the pledges take turns spanking each other, Snow and Sarah dish out whacks with a large pledge paddle.

I will blog more about this big production later this week.  Of course Christy is one of the stars, and the pledge who gets the most whacks with the paddle!

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NO FIGHTING added to DVD list

by on Apr.21, 2013, under Spanking

The instantly popular series NO FIGHTING has been added to the list of DVDs available for purchase.

Veronica Ricci laughs while Snow Mercy spanks Kymberly Jane

It stars Snow Mercy, Veronica Ricci, Kay Richards, Cammy Smalls and Mistress Crystal (who plays Veronica’s mom).

Not so funny now Veronica!

Lots of spanking combinations and lots of red and sore bottoms in this one! Previously this was only available on the Clips Store and not the sites.

Revenge is sweet

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Aaliyah Love Runs Up Blooper Reel

by on Apr.17, 2013, under spanking soap opera

Aaliyah Love is so professional that not only does she show up a little early to a shoot, she has a suitcase with clothes sectioned in compartments so that a producer can easily choose a specific look.

She is known for being a highly regarded model and she is a real sweetheart to work with.

This makes it all extra funny that she has such a long blooper reel on the current episode of My Spanking Roommate.

Madison should be getting spanked for contributing to the gag reel

In her episode, she is replacing Harmony as Madison’s boss at the office.  But she kept referring to Harmony as other names, such as Melody and Harriet.

Then once she got it wrong a few times, Madison would crack up in the scene even when Aaliyah said Harmony’s name correctly.

In fairness to Aaliyah, this is a spanking soap opera, therefore there were LOTS of names for her to learn quickly.

After a few tries, Aaliyah finally gets all the names straight

This led to lots of cutting, lots of laughing, and a long time in the editing room to produce the scene.  Enjoy the bloopers, guys!!  They are hilarious.

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Happy Birtday to Two Great Models!!

by on Apr.13, 2013, under Spanking

It was Snow Mercy’s birthday today and it is Veronica’s Ricci’s birthday tomorrow.

Snow’s bottom got birthday blistered by Nikki Rogue, Raine and others

I was there to witness that Snow did in fact get birthday spankings.  Lots of them. Way, way more than one for each year of her life.  Nikki Rogue gave her MANY whacks, along with many other ladies who attended her party chipping in as well.

Pictured above is a young lady named Raine, who is thinking about shooting for the CF spanking sites.  Nikki and Snow instructed her well – as evidenced by Snow’s bright red bottom.

No telling if Veronica will receive birthday spankings or not

Not sure if Veronica will get any birthday spankings tomorrow or not. Above she is pictured from an upcoming scene for her site Spanking Veronica Works.  Check out Veronica’s blog as she mentions her birthday.

Birthday spankings or not, I want to wish Snow and Veronica both the happiest of birthdays.  They are two outstanding models who I also consider good friends and great people – so they deserve all that they get – from birthday spankings to happiness in their lives.  Thanks to two great ladies and all the best!!

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Disciplinary Vs. Sensual Spankings

by on Apr.07, 2013, under Spanking

On my most popular site, Girl Spanks Girl, scenes are divided into three categories, DISCIPLINARY, EROTIC and SENSUAL.

The Erotic section is pretty obvious — there is spanking and some sort of sex play, which can be as mild as girls kissing to as wild as strap-ons, eat-outs etc. That gets its own blog some day soon.

But I would very much like to clear up the main difference between the DISCIPLINARY and SENSUAL divisions.

DISCIPLINARY spankings are those intended to be a serious form of punishment. Like a governess or a teacher who spanks a student for getting out of line. Something that can happen every day somewhere, and often has.

SENSUAL are those that are more fantasy driven, with costumes and a more exaggerated bend of reality.

Sometimes it is not so easy for me to define where a scene falls. How hard a spanking is doesn’t always determine the category.

Sometimes Erotic and Sensual spankings turn out to be very hard, and the Disciplinary spanking only moderate (though they are actually almost always very hard).

I thought this was a good blog topic because there are two spanking series running on Girl Spanks Girl right now, and both involve Step Mothers.

Veronica Ricci as Cinderella gets spanked by Jennifer Best

CINDERELLA SPANKINGS is in the SENSUAL category because it is more like a fairly tale story with slightly campy performances to match the storyline.

Nikita turns the tables on her Stern Step Mother Kordelia Devonshire

But the STERN STEPMOTHER series is very realistic.  While I was filming it, it never once came across as a fantasy, instead something that was really happening. I like both for different reasons, but when searching through the thousands of video clips on the site, hope this helps you to find which you prefer. Hopefully both kinds of spankings!

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Some Shoots Are Easy, Some Are Challenging

by on Apr.02, 2013, under Spanking

Since I write about behind the scenes of our shoots, I feel the need to be candid as often as possible. I would say about half of the shoots I do run 100% smoothly.

Most of the rest have a minor bump here or there. Once in a while, a shoot becomes a major challenge for various reasons.

I did a shoot not too long ago that is now running on Girl Spanks Girl.  It is ultimately good stuff – really good.  Kordelia Devonshire is a great top who brings it as the new step mother who decides she must spank her step daughter to get her in line.

The model receiving the spanking presented herself as someone who could take a hard spanking.  There was lots of “cutting” during this shoot as the model sort of exaggerated about her level or most likely didn’t really know what she was in for.

She was a gamer for sure, it just took a lot longer to get through the shoot and a lot longer to edit it.

Ultimately we got a good scene, but she I am sure left in a lot more pain than she anticipated and not really looking to do another shoot for CFWW any time soon. It happens.  By the way, it was she who actually put the frozen peas on her bum to help sooth the pain – great idea I must say!

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