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Fet Con Part 3

by on Sep.10, 2013, under Spanking

As promised I will wrap up my observations of the Fetish Convention (Fet Con) I attended a few weeks ago.  I talked about the models I shot with, the models I ran into and didn’t get a chance to shoot. Now I want to share some of the wild and interesting things that go on there.

Flogging went on at one of the parties

It is quite organized, with lots of lectures, vendors fairs and parties. Something is going on virtually all the time one attends.

Our dear Missy Rhodes is a star in the Clips4sale booth

It was held in Tampa, Florida, where it is hot and muggy in August, so the incentive is to stay and play in the hotel where the event is held. Pretty much the entire hotel was filled with kinky people, walking around day and night, letting their freak flag fly so to speak.

Isobel Wren and Sahrye stand on Welcome Mat

An interesting note: at the opening night meet and greet, I met a wonderful guy who seems so happy despite having no legs and calling himself the welcome mat. He encourages young ladies to stand on him and even step on his nuts. Lots of them were complying. Interestingly enough, I scheduled two models, Sahrye and Isobel Wren, for shoots while they were standing on top of him.

There was plenty of spanking going on. And there were two dungeons.  Veronica and I got kicked out of one because we picked up a tawse we thought was available to the public, but it turned out to belong to some player.  A scrawny looking security guard came up to us and was very offended and very serious when trying to lecture us on proper dungeon etiquette. But we left before he could toss us, even though either one of us could take him down on a bad day.

Anyway, the dungeons seemed to be for very serious players, and we hung around the lighter fetish activities after that, including a lesson in hypnosis.

There were many, many fetishes on display and being practiced. Bondage was popular of course.  But foot play seemed to be the most publicly displayed fetish, then probably spanking, and then bondage. And others.  TV, Age play, fire, lift & carry, furries are just some of the others I noticed.

Alexis Grace makes a nice tickle target

We found our pal Alexis Grace getting a brutal tickle session for all to see. At night, the pool and hot tub were very active, and you could sometimes see people making out (or more) in their hotel windows for all to see.

We did manage to get away to go to a nearby museum one day, just to break up all the shooting and observing.

It was quite a trip and I am very interested in attending again next year.

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  • Tim

    so all in all you had a good time but the spankings were more in our line withthe cute girls we know here,best,Tim.

  • Mike

    Missy and Veronica look so cute and beautiful together i wonder if they ever tag team and did double session or shoot where they spank same person at same time iam sure getting spanked by both same time be very painful

  • Tim

    Veronicais having huge spanks from the 2 little minxs she has spanked rosey pinky very nice ,.at Spanked Sorority Girls ittle Chrisy is spanking and will be spanked Christy ,excellent ,best,Tim.

  • Tim

    Lovely Eily ges a big spanking at spanked Sweeties Emily ,lovely little spankee girl,best from ,Tim.

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