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EE9 Comes to a Close

by on Nov.20, 2014, under Spanked school girls, Spanking

I just put my last update for Exclusive Education 9 on Girl Spanks Girl. It was a really great one so I’m sort of sad to see the new stuff end. It was a great shoot and a high energy epic scene.

Outstanding case of EE9

Outstanding case of EE9

Take-aways for me were – Tori Black walking off set before the shoot started, Amelea Dark, a sexy model, working as the second camera operator, but mostly, an amazing and co-operative cast!

Amelea Dark goes from EE9 behind camera to star in Jan.

Amelea Dark goes from EE9 behind camera to star in Jan.

I have been thinking about and even talking with a few models that I would love to use for EE10.  Cupcake, who will be appearing soon on Girl Spanks Girl for a special Christmas episode. Ivy Sherwood. Stevie Rose, who pointed out she has never appeared in an EE (I couldn’t believe it but looked it up and she is correct). Maddy Marks, who is a terrific spanking model.

Hope to see Cupcake in EE10

Hope to see Cupcake in EE10

And of course I will have to get some of the most popular models we missed on the last EE to either return for EE10 (are you reading this Veronica Ricci and Sarah Gregory?) or make her first appearance (how about you Missy Rhodes and Pandora Blake?). I am tossing around some ideas and considering some fantastic and interesting fan suggestions (one included alien invasion).  I am leaning toward a slumber party theme, but it’s early yet.  For now, farewell EE9 I hope you all enjoyed!

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EE10: Too Soon?

by on Aug.19, 2014, under Spanking

EE9 is just getting rolling on Girl Spanks Girl. And the cheerleader theme has been wildly popular based on feedback I have been receiving.

But EE10, which won’t happen till a year from now, looms large as the whole number “10” has a powerful association attached to it. So how do I pull out all the stops?

Cheerleaders worthy of another EE episode?

Cheerleaders worthy of another EE episode?

Re-visit cheerleaders?  Naw, probably need something new.  Slumber party – with a combo of classic nighties, sexy nighties and drop-seat PJs?  Perhaps a strong candidate.

I could go back to the classroom for another schoolgirl classic.  Or even try something a little crazy like a stripper convention or a female prisoner epic.  “Red is the New Black & Blue” anyone?  Has a nice ring to it.

The models tend to fall in line as I get closer to the shoot.  Some of the models I considered for EE9 before running out of space included some sensational options that hopefully will still be around when casting.  And also some who weren’t available for various reasons.

Missy Rhodes. Maddy Marks. Veronica Ricci. Alesha Fox. Minnie Scarlet. Paris Kennedy. Emily Parker. Ivy Sherwood. Christie Stevens. Ashley Rose. Plus a few ladies I haven’t worked with but been wanting to.  Lots of fantastic possibilities.

Yeah, it is too soon to plan it out. But that won’t stop me from taking suggestions.

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All About EE9: Cheerleader Camp

by on Aug.13, 2014, under Spanked school girls

Here is the scoop on the shoot of EE9: Cheerleader Camp.


Willow Lynn was the first to arrive, about 10 minutes before the 12:30 call time.

Next up was Tori Black, the adult model superstar who I was so excited to include in the cast.  Tori was camera ready and looked stunning!  Most of the other models arrived over the next 5 to 10 minutes, so all but one essentially arrived on time.  Tori seemed very comfortable there, and even though this was going to be her first spanking only shoot, she said she has a lot of experience spanking people and she enjoys it.  But Tori got some text message that changed her mood and she pulled me aside to state that she had to leave immediately and assured me it was nothing to do with anything that was going on at the shoot.

I was very disappointed, as you can imagine, but began looking for a last second replacement model.  One of the models was friends with Chenell Heart, and had her call me.  We talked for a minute and she agreed to fill in as Tori’s replacement.

Suzie Q's first cute photo

Suzie Q’s first cute photo

Suzie Q, who is also a model, was helping to crew the shoot. The idea was that she could fill in as a model if something like this occurred. But she ended up working till 4:30am and had little sleep and convinced me that she could not fill in as a model this day.

Replacement model rushing to set

Replacement model Chenell rushing to get to the set. Not here for this photo

So Chenell it was. And I am glad to report that Chenell was amazing.


Suzie was very helpful and had a great rapport with the models. She interviewed each model separately and that will run after EE9 plays out in updates.

Here is Chenell - just in time

Here is Chenell – just in time

This was the most easy-going group EVER to do an EE.  There are usually at least one or two chatty types and occasionally a diva or two.  Not this year. This was a fun loving, easy going gang who could be at least a little rowdy when the cameras were rolling (I hear you Koko Kitten). Maybe there were so many submissive by nature ladies on this shoot (not all of course) that this accounts for the trouble-free shoot.  Hard to say for sure.  I like the diversity of the cast in terms of looks and styles, and there were lots of ladies who could take hard spankings. Each cast member brought something unique and they in mass had a very subtle but quite outstanding improv skill, which makes for an impressive scene.


In the story, Christy was chosen ahead of time to be the special “privileged brat” who would instigate the spankings, then ultimately get the most severe punishment, which included 20 strokes with the cane. When cheer coach Snow is gone, Christy picks a fight with the other girls and they all end up spanking her, which Snow catches.

Yasmine leads mass assault on Christy

Yasmine leads mass assault on Christy

Snow spanks each cheerleader.

Christ laughs at others being punished

Christy laughs at others being punished

Then Christy spanks each cheerleader. Except if you watch closely, you will notice that she somehow overlooked spanking Lana Lopez (we owe you one Lana). One other note here – we incorporated a few of the girls resisting, as in they put their hands back and tried to stop the spanking from occurring, which mostly just leads to the spanker grabbing the spankee’s resisting hand while continuing to spank away.  This was a suggestion from one of our members (who is also a fellow spanking producer).

Christy spanks, Lilly & Willow cower together in fear

Christy spanks, Yasmine resists, Lilly & Willow cower together in fear

Then Chrsity and Snow spank the girls 2 at a time, in the traditional EE format.

Spanked with hairbrush in pairs

Spanked with hairbrush in pairs

And then Snow catches Christy gloating to the other girls about how she got them spanked and Snow punishes Christy severely.

Naughty Christy gets what she deserves

Naughty Christy gets what she deserves


1. Snow Mercy was in top form, never getting tired despite spanking an unending sea of bottoms.

The girls seem pleased that Christy is getting caned

The girls seem pleased that Christy is getting caned

2. Chrsity Cutie shines as the brat who caused trouble and you gotta love her “pain” moans while she is getting punished. 3. Koko Kitten is the master of subtle humor and lovely pouting.

Snow is tireless spanker, Koko master pouter

Snow is tireless spanker, Koko master pouter

4. Yasmine deLeon is a stunning beauty with a nice bottom and she excels at being sassy. 5. Alex Reynolds stands out as the disgruntled member who protests to the bitter end. And of course she can take and give a great spanking.

Alex is bent over for position variety

Alex is bent over for position variety

6. Lilly and 7. Willow Lynn are great friends in real life and they included that friendship as two who bond while being punished. Their idea.  8. Lana Lopez gives excellent very real reactions because she is no doubt in the most pain of any of these ladies as the one with the lowest tolerance – and someone who is not normally spanked.

Lana Lopez discovers spankings hurt

Lana Lopez discovers spankings hurt

9. Chenell Heart filled in beautifully. She is so very cute, great at subtle acting – and has an amazing bottom.


There was a double rainbow outside. Just in honor of our shoot?  Maybe.

Lana Lopez text me to say that she thought Snow looked amazing and next time Lana says she wants a swat or two with a paddle from Snow.  Ha, ha, really Lana?

All of the girls seemed pleased with the shoot and I received a lot of “thank you” notes and such.  Someone even said, “I will wait a day or two then I will ask you about your plans for EE10”.  Hmmmm.


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Cheerleader Gets a Spanking

by on Jul.05, 2010, under Spanking


If I am going to be completely honest, I must admit that I really enjoy filming girls making out with each other.  Can’t explain it, but it is definitely something that is very, very enticing to film – to watch – whatever.  So there is a section of that features erotic spankings.   The latest shoot for this section was with Brooke Lee Adams and Mia Lelani.  They were both playing cheerleaders – which was cool because they said they WERE both cheerleaders in high school.  My guess is that they were popular with the boys AND the girls.  Here is a case where fantasy meets reality as the girls are both very cute and very much into sex – any kind of sex. 
Sometimes the spankings in the erotic scenes are very light – as the models are known more for their abilities to make out  then to give or take a spanking.  And as you will witness if you check out these very two same girls being spanked by Clare Fonda on, they could not take a hard enough spanking to qualify for casting as students in the Exclusive Education 5 spanking shoot coming up in August.  But what you should know if you are a true spanking fan, is that these two girls did in fact take spankings as hard as they possibly could.  So while their tolerance level might be extremely low, be assured that their reactions are very real – they are not acting – their bottoms were feeling the pain.
Brooke confessed that while she was spanked as a child, she hasn’t really been spanked since then.  It is not something that she is into in her personal life, but she was up for taking the pain for money and for her art.  And while she looks very much like the super cut girl-next-door – with the slightly plump bottom, she clearly knows how to do a seriously awesome girl/girl makeout. 
After we shot a scene in which Mia spanked Brooke as cheerleaders, we shot a scene in which Brooke spanked Mia as they were getting ready to go to a costume party.  I’ll share more about the behind the scenes of that scene in the next week or so, when that content appears on the girl spanks girl site.  We hope to shoot Brooke for a spanked sweeties interview in the fall – as we would love to hear more about the spankings she and her sisters received as children.
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