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Not Always the Perfect Job

by on Feb.23, 2011, under spanked call girls

Spanked Call Girls

Sometimes I get comments on the blog saying how I have the perfect job.  It’s close – working with hotties, surrounded by spanking fun, making money from all this.  But there are the odd jobs that aren’t so great.  Nena is a new model who went up recently on Spanked Call Girls

My job was simple.  Pick her up on the way to the shoot.  So I arrive outside her apartment and call her to let her know I’m there.  Only she doesn’t answer.  I try texting “I’m here to pick you up.”  Still no answer.  So I call Clare to make sure I have the correct phone and address.  I do. 

Finally, I get a text from Nena that says “b right down.”  So another 5 minutes go by and no Nena.  So I call her again – get the voice mail.  So I leave a message, if she is down, I don’t see her.  I explain what I look like.  More time goes by and now I leave a message that there is another model at the shoot and I need to be there so I must leave.  Seconds later I get a call – she is on her way out.  Soooo 3 or 4 minutes later, she actually walks up to my car.  With some dude.  Her boyfriend.  Maybe she said fiance.  He is coming along. 

At this point I don’t want to go into our “no escort on set” policy, at risk of starting the shoot late.  So they hop in the car and I drive away.  So I call Clare and mention the guy is coming, so she says “great, then she got her own ride.”  I explain, no, he is coming along for the ride.  What kind of escort/driver doesn’t have a car???  So during the shoot, there are a couple of times this guy can be heard talking loudly on his cell phone, causing us to cut. 

So at least I think he was the last straw and we will definitely no longer allow “escorts” (especially ones without cars) to hang out on our sets.  Well at least Nena was a fantastic model who had never been spanked and gave shock and awe reactions as her bottom turned BRIGHT red during her scenes.  See the photos above. 

The other model was Nikk Rogue and as you can see by the playfull behind the scenes photos, Clare LOVES working with Nikki.  Follow the arrow to see my arm reflected in the shot in the bathroom.  My arm is famous.


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  • Dave

    Driving around gorgeous fetish/adult models is still more interesting I would think than many folk’s jobs:)

    BTW, I thought you already had a “no b/f on the set rule” in place?! I should be your Director of Set Security. . .hmm…..


  • Dave

    p.s. i do really enjoy reading about your behind-the-scenes experiences, both good and bad, on the job.

  • Clare Fonda

    Yeah, this is a great post. Nena was a fabulous on-set model and her dude was nice enough but it’s always a hassle! Ladies, check your baggage at the door! Nikki and Nena were great in their scene so at the end of the day it was all good times but stress like this can really get the shoot off on the wrong foot. The only advice I can give for girls who are chronically late is start your own company!!

  • admin

    I thought we had a “no dude on set” policy too, but I didn’t want to argue since we were already late and I don’t think we ever sent her the policy. After this shoot, Clare started emailing new models the shooting policy explaining all of the set etiquette, which of course included this new rule. Otherwise, Dave you would be our first choice for the set security job. But don’t you live in England? We shoot in LA. And Clare is correct – at least we got a fantastic shoot!

  • Dave


    Nope, I live in New England…not the UK. Yes I’d make a great set security person — I also have Kung Fu Skills, if I ever needed to do some wu tang fu.

  • admin

    Okay we will keep that in mind, Kung Fu Dave. If we shoot in New England, you’re the guy….

  • KJ

    I share Clare’s love of Nikki and would love to squueze her like that. As far as Nena, she is a hoot to watch.

  • admin

    Nikki does sessions at a club in Los Angeles called the Domion –

    She is huggable….Very sweet!

  • tim

    they are 2 little cuties receiving big spanks ,best ,tim .

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