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Exlusive Education Ends With Interviews

by on Oct.28, 2012, under Spanked school girls

Exclusive Education Year 7 is coming to an end on Girl Spanks Girl.  And strangely enough, it is ending where it began, with Veronica Ricci interviewing the models as they arrived for the shoot.


Veronica seems like a natural – she also filmed them as well as asking the questions.  Hope you guys enjoyed this epic and I heard some pretty good feedback – feedback is always welcome, by the way!  Veronica was able to interview each model, in groups of two for the most part.  Here she is with Edanya.


The second cameraman was able to take profile photos of most (but not all) of the models.  Here is a tease pic of the curvy bottomed Riley Moore.


I predict a field trip to an exotic location for Exclusive Education 8.  So stay tuned for more sneaks on that one.  I will keep my fingers crossed that the cards fall in line for that one!

Before that, though, there will be another large school girl scene for the Spanking Sorority Girls site.  Never too many school girl scenes, right?

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Halloween Spankings

by on Oct.24, 2012, under mother/daughter spanking, Spanking, spanking soap opera, spanking sorority girls

Halloween, with its sexy costumes and playful atmosphere, seems like a great marriage for spanking scenes.  We have Halloween scenes for two of our sites.  The Spanking Sorority Girls Halloween scene started running today.

In this scene, Karina, Riley, Kat and Amaya all begin spanking each other because they get in a fight about who should’ve arranged the party that no one showed up to.


Veronica went home to have a secret party and her mom catches her.  I really believe that Crystal (who plays Veronica’s mom) and Veronica make the most realistic and amazing mother/daughter team I have ever filmed for spanking.


The sorority Halloween scene will end with Sarah Gregory spanking Christy Cutie in some excellent costumes that the models brought to the shoot themselves.  Veronica brought hers (she has tons) and the rest were provided by the house where I often shoot (they are loaded with sexy costumes that come with the rental of the house).


The girls had a blast shooting this Halloween scene.


On Friday, My Spanking Roommate will begin a Halloween scene with Madison Martin and Chloe Elise.  This is noteworthy in that as far as I can tell, this will be the last ever new spanking scene released with Chloe Elise in it – as she retired from spanking at the end of last year.  Chloe was a fantastic spanking model and will be missed – but with her own authentic cheerleader costume and her desire to make a great scene – this is an excellent way to go out!


She and Madison went at each other hard on this scene.

Happy Halloween!!





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Cabin In The Woods Spankings

by on Oct.19, 2012, under Spanking

Just got back from a nice trip to a cabin in the woods where I filmed LOTS of spankings with Veronica Ricci and Ashley Rose.  Most will be for a new site starring Veronica and lots of her sexy and spankable friends along with many of our regulars, too.  Below is a pic of Veronica and Ashley posing for behind-the-scenes in the woods.  I assure you that there was plenty of LOUD and hard spankings going on right out there in nature.  So you can look forward to seeing those scenes in the near future.


The new site is not yet named but it will involve Veronica trying out different jobs – that sometimes end up with her making out with another lady, but ALWAYS end up with lots of hard spankings and juicy red bottoms.

Veronica and Ashley were very adventurous out in the woods. Our biggest concern was that a ranger would ride up and fine us (or even try to arrest us for indecent exposure?).  Veronica had a hunch that if someone did discover us, he would be a fan of the sites and want an autograph.   Ashley volunteered to autograph his ass.  With blood.  Her own blood. Since Veronica spanked her so hard she bled in a few of the scenes and had some blood to spare.


Above is a photo for the scene we shot (13 scenes total were shot in 3 days) that will appear the soonest.  It is an erotic scene for Girl Spanks Girl.  All of the scenes we shot were created and directed by Veronica, though Ashley had considerable input in a couple of the scenes (not this one – this one was ALL Veronica aka V-dog which we started calling her on set after this scene).  Veronica plays a girl scout predator – and she came up with this naughty line – which she tells Brownie Ashley – “Girl Scouts sell cookies and eat brownies.”  Ashley (the Brownie) tries to resist and ends up spanking Veronica.


But Veronica convinces Ashley that if she wants to get ahead, she will do anything it takes.  What it took was a ride on a strap-on.  This is only the second ever strap-on scene I have filmed.  The first was years ago with a very young Harmony Rose and Dana Dearmond.  I’m not going to lie – this was pretty exiting to film.  I have shot many scenes with a dominant woman doing her thing to a submissive woman, but I’m not sure I have ever scene 100% dominance and 100% submission, which was the balance in this scene once Veronica’s character took charge.


I love how my job takes me to some wild and exiting places.  But truly, it will be hard to top this one.  Check out this scene, which will start next Wednesday on Girl Spanks Girl.  Look for updates on the progress of Veronica’s new site.  And please check out Veronica’s blog to get her take on this cabin/spankfest.

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Never Enough Schoolgirl Spankings

by on Oct.16, 2012, under Spanked school girls

I will be heading out for a 3 day shoot (all spanking) and so I have updated ahead on all sites (hoping the preset timed update on Sweeties works this time).


In the meantime, enjoy the schoolgirl spanking fest as EE7 winds down (interview and profiles to come when I get back).  And as you can see from the above photo, there is plenty of schoolgirl spankings going on at Spanking Sorority Girls.  Riley and Amaya (who can spank really hard) got revenge on Kat and Karina in this scene and give out some nice spankings with hand and hairbrush.

Maybe Friday I can give you a tease from my big shoot in the woods.  It involves a new spanking site that should arrive hopefully in January.

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Two New DVDs Available Now

by on Oct.12, 2012, under Spanking


There are two new DVDs available.  ANGRY SPANKINGS consists of scenes that only were available on HOT GIRLS SPANKED.  So if you are not the guy to buy clips4sale then this will all be new to you and lots of hard, angry spanking action.  See the full list of DVDs HERE.


A scene that was mostly on Girl Spanks Girl, with Clare playing mother to Elise Graves is also available now on DVD.  Elise has a nice bubble butt and got spanked for a really, really long time this day – as the entire thing was all shot continuously, with her getting spanked hard scene after scene.


Please note there is one slight change to the ordering address.  Above is Odette getting spanked as Elise’s friend in A Mother’s Concern.  Below, Elise is walking up the stairs, rubbing her red bubble butt.


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Penthouse Pet of the Years (runnerups) Spank Each Other

by on Oct.09, 2012, under spanked call girls

First, let me thank all members because no one wrote me to ask where Monday’s updates were.  Long story short, I was filming some spanking scenes on Sunday and my car got towed late at night(I swear I didn’t see the no parking after 1 am sign).  All sorts of adventures occurred before I finally got home 4 a.m. Tuesday, got a few hours sleep and did the updates this morning.  Just a day late.  All is well now…

So I did a shoot last week with Veronica Ricci, who was the Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up just a few years ago, and Ryan Keely, who was the Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up the year after Veronica.  I want to go on record stating they both should have won in their respective years!!  But still, it sounds like novelty casting doing a shoot with the two “runner ups, right?”


They were pure joy to work with and the shoot was riotously entertaining.  This was the first ever spanking shoot for Ryan (pictured in the photo above), and the scene is currently running on Spanked Call Girls.

Veronica of course is now the top star of the CFWW sites, and runs many of the scenes, which she will often create and direct, etc. etc.  You guys know who she is.  But Ryan, wow, we will definitely be working with her again.  Aside from being beautiful, she has an amazingly curvy spankable bottom.

Veronica spanked her pretty hard and Ryan took it like a champ.  She cut a few times because of the pain, but always wanted to continue right away and not have Veronica lighten up.  It was funny to watch Ryan walking around when we weren’t shooting, rubbing her butt and having trouble sitting down.  I told her that is what our members like in scenes and you are doing it naturally.  She answered with a great amount of conviction “well it fucking hurts!!!”


Ryan was pretty natural as a spanker and gave Veronica (who is playing call girl Audrey Tate) a very respectable spanking, which included hand, yardstick, clipboard and even a large wooden paddle.


Veronica wanted to push the envelope a bit with the scene, so she had Ryan work an anal thermometer into the scene.  Not sure what this means, but Ryan really knew how to do this sort of temperature taking and got an accurate read.  She even suggested a few camera angles to support the realism.   Veronica’s main concern was how old the Vaseline looked.  She asked if it was from the 1980s.  I found the old bottle of it that we used on some shelf filled with rarely used items in my bathroom – so it is possible (sorry V.)


After we finished shooting the scene for Spanked Call Girls, we filmed another scene, this time for Veronica’s Spanking Sorority Girls site.  This scene won’t appear for quite some time.  But while the girls were in the schoolgirl uniforms, they started talking about how they have both shot a number of girl/girl scenes and everyone loves the scissors.  I love girl/girl scenes I will admit, but I wasn’t exactly sure what the scissors meant.  They didn’t offer to shoot it, but they did demonstrate what it was and let me take a few photos (see the photos above).

So enjoy the two hottest Penthouse Pet of the Year (runner ups) EVER giving a playful demonstration of “the scissors” (and appearing on Spanked Call Girls).  These two have a great sense of humor, are playful, and well, did I say they’re hot and should’ve won (contest rigged?)!!   I may change their titles to Penthouse Pet of the Year (Runner Up But Should’ve Won).

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Would You Spank Your Friend’s Daughter?

by on Oct.01, 2012, under Spanking Interviews

It looks like I am not going to get much feedback about starting a new site, so I am on to a new post.  I put up a new Spanked Sweeties recently and have been anxious to write about it because it was such an unusual shoot.


Would you spank a good friend’s daughter?  I can think of some situations where I might be able to do that, and others where it would be VERY awkward.  But Lana Miller is as game as they come.  She has spanked her niece Mandee Miller (who she raised like a daughter) for our sites.  And she has spanked her cousin Michele, who played Mandee’s sister.  And Lana has another niece who just turned 18, and Lana helped to raise, who she is now pitching to me for another Sweeties.  Amazing.

So when Lana emailed me to tell me that she has a good friend (female) who has a daughter who wants to do some modeling, and was spanked growing up, I was intrigued.  She sent me pictures and Rihanna was quite beautiful.  What could I say?  Yes, of course.

Upon arriving, Rihanna expressed how nervous and scared she was.  She likes playful spanks in her real life, but she admitted to having a low pain tolerance.  Lana was not going to take it easy on her, so we decided to keep the spankings real, but limit how many Rihanna would take.

The way the Spanked Sweeties site works is, there is a brief interchange (a week or so in advance) with a model to establish if she was spanked growing up, and if mom or dad were the primary spankers (or sometimes they talk about aunts, uncles, babysitters etc).  Typically models provide very little info before we shoot.  All I knew going into this shoot was that Rihanna was spanked by her mom.  And for some reason I had the impression they were all spankings.

The shoot took place at Clare Fonda’s house (Rihanna shot a diaper scene for Clare in exchange for me using Clare’s house for this shoot).  Rihanna shocked me (despite warning her that we would re-enact her childhood spankings) but talking about how her father also spanked her and he used a belt.  And she talked about how her mom not only spanked her with her hand, but also used to chase her around and spank her with a wooden spoon.


Not being prepared for this, I was fortunate that Clare had a belt and a wooden spoon I could borrow for the shoot.

When Lana began spanking Rihanna for the first scene, she didn’t react much.  But then she cut to say how painful this was.  Lana explained that it was all right to react to the pain, she didn’t have to hold it in.  After this it went more smoothly as Rihanna felt free to kick and whine.  Which she admitted was how she always reacted when she got spanked but for some reason thought she should hold it in.

Rihanna had to cut a few more times – notably during the dad belting, which doesn’t look that hard, in my opinion, but was more than Rihanna could take.  We had to negotiate a final number of whacks that she could take with the belt after she cut (don’t worry there is no counting).  I think as sometimes is the case, that it didn’t just hurt physically, but it also might’ve been bringing up some painful old memories and that is why the belt was too much for her. Or this could just be me over-analyzing and maybe the belt just really hurt her ass.

After Lana’s first spanking, then the dad spanking, then the wooden spoon spanking, Rihanna was past her tolerance limit and was walking around in extreme pain.  Despite having dark skin, her butt did get red (and there was hard to see speckling).  She stood up between scenes because she said it was too painful to sit.


We had a little time left for our shoot, and Rihanna was begging to spank Lana.  Graciously, Lana agreed to it, and even tutored Rihanna, who couldn’t spank Lana hard enough with her hand (though some of the whacks looked really, really hard).  Someone off camera (won’t say who) decided to pass the wooden spoon to Rihanna and that certainly got a rise out of Lana.  It left little white spoon marks on Lana’s curvy bottom.

This was definitely a wildly entertaining shoot and it included the added edge of knowing that Lana was spanking her good friend’s daughter – which seemed a little naughty.  In a good way it turned out.

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