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In Search of Model 250

by on Nov.12, 2012, under Spanking

I have been shooting fetish for quite some time and have shot hundreds of models.  But for the CFWW sites, we have officially worked with 249 female models.  Many of the regulars have shot over and over of course, but the next model NEW to the sites will become the official 250th model  (whooo hoooo!!).

Seems like it needs to be someone special.  So check out the official model list, which is found on the Girl Spanks Girl site, but has links to each site that a specific model appears in.


We shot yesterday with our 249th model, who is Jamie Lynn (seen in the above photo – Jamie is on the right – along with Veronica Ricci and Christy Cutie).  They shot scenes for the new site that stars Veronica Ricci.  We have yet to officially name the site, but we have shot a number of scenes, and we plan to launch it in January.


Daphne Sugar Rose (playing around behind the scenes with Veronica Ricci in above photo) also shot recently, model #248, also for the new site.  Crazy outfits, wouldn’t you say?  All thanks to Veronica’s wild and crazy imagination.  I think most of you will LOVE this new site.

In the meantime, I am WAY open to suggestions for model #250.  Has to be someone I haven’t shot for the sites yet and can shoot in Los Angeles.  Check out the Model List and see what biggie I am missing.  And stay tuned for more teases on the new site.

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  • Joe

    That is easy, Francesca Le!! A great ass, a vet of the spanking scene, can switch, and is sexy as Hell!

  • Rob

    i wouldent mind seeing Kelly devine. on a side note i dont see the model Andrea Renee on GSG

  • admin

    Joe that is an excellent suggestion! I have always wanted to work with Francessca Le. She would be worthy for sure. I might give her a holler and see if I can make that happen.

  • admin

    Rob – Kelly Divine is an excellent suggestion, and I know that she has done a spanking shoot before, but she won’t do them anymore according to her agent. I tried getting her last year for a spanking shoot. She has a very spankable bootie!

  • admin

    Rob – Andrea Renee shot with Chelsea and Staci and I looked at that scene because I thought for sure she was still up on Girl Spanks Girl, but you are correct. Clare must’ve taken down her clips some time ago for some reason. I will do my best to track down those clips and get them back up on the site. It might take a while, but I would like to get her back up on the site! Maybe I will remaster her scene and offer it on higher quality.

  • Ash

    Dang, Francesca Le is a good choice. She was in the first spanking video I ever bought…contributed to my delinquency 😉

    (Also votes for Allaura Shane and Jade Indica, two gorgeous women I’d love to see kicking over mama’s knee!)

  • admin

    Ash ironically Jade Indica was in LA last week and did a shoot with Veronica Ricci, but not for the CF sites (a superheronine shoot it was). Jade told Veronica she really wanted to shoot with us, but she was only in LA till Sunday, so our schedules couldn’t click – otherwise she in fact would’ve been model number 250.

  • Ash

    So close, yet so far!

  • Mike

    i alway wanted be spanked by hooter girls and hooter waitress every time i go to hooter restruant i normally see few hooter waitress i wouldnt mind being spanked by or spanking them lot have great butt

    i hope to some day live this dream i would love see a female in hooter outfit spanking a male or female then least part my dream would happen

  • tim

    Little Spanking princess is a littlecutie spankee too ,she has a blog ,best,Tim.

  • admin

    Mike, your dream can come true and you can see Hooters girls spanking each other on the new Veronica Ricci site after January. Though it won’t be one of the first episodes, you it might be more like April or so when that scene arrives. But it’s a good one – worth the wait. In the meantime, maybe Hooters girls (in some states) would spank someone on his/her birthday. I have heard it is known to happen. If you feel brave, ask a hooter’s girl and your local hooters if she ever heard of that custom being done at a Hooters.

  • Mike

    i have seen youtube video of hooter waitress handing out birthday paddling they seem go real fast with the paddling for some reason then at end or 2 waitress does real quick hand swats i wanted couple time ask hooter waitress for birthday paddling but chicken out i mean what worse could happen. i will for sure try ask one next time i go if they do that stuff there. i be shock if few hooter resutrant policy dont allow it

    i once saw pic on some photo sharing place of 9 years old kid laying over a hooter waitress lap for a birthday spanking i think he there with his older sister casue caption said no i can see why he didnt want mom to come lol

  • admin

    I have heard about Hooters girls dishing out birthday spankings, but I have never seen it happen. I would think you’d have to try it on your real birthday. If you do this on your birthday, check back in with us, Mike.

  • Mike

    well my birthdayn ot untuil july 6th guess i have wait until aorund july next year to see if i could get it to happen or maybe if i want done sooner i can get or find a female to wear hooter outfit like above pics and ask to be spanked

    i wanted go to local strip club and ask few stripper there if they would spank me

    any chance of you doing more shoot where it female striper getting spanked or doing the spanking too ther female or female stripper

  • admin

    I was looking into renting a bar set to shoot a bunch of stripper spanking scenes – but they wanted me to get a permit and do a bunch of paperwork that would’ve run the costs of that shoot sky high. It’ll happen some day – if I can get a reasonably priced bar set or bar to shoot at.

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