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Farewell to Models Who Retired in 2012

by on Jan.08, 2013, under Spanking

2012 was a year in which an unusually large number of spanking models turned in their paddles for vanilla pursuits.  I don’t know much about most of their personal lives, but I do know the following models no longer work in spanking.

Hollie Steven sadly passed away last year. She was loved by many!

First, sadly, is Hollie Stevens (pictured above on My Spanking Roommate), who died so young and tragically. She was very successful – check out her bio on Wikipedia.

Then there was Natalie DeMore (seen in a photo from Girl Spanks Girl), who took her own life.  You can read her story here.  Our community was pretty shocked upon learning about Natali.

The other models, thankfully, just walked away from the spanking biz and I assume many are leading happy and productive lives – hopefully at least keeping the kink going in some small way.

Chloe Elise and Kailee were big stars!

Chloe Elise (pictured above with Kailee) was one of the stars of My Spanking Roommate, so it was a big blow when she retired from spanking.  She retired just when we had plans to do a big shoot with her.  Sounded like she was going after a 9 to 5 job and talking about marrying her boyfriend, though I haven’t kept in touch.  Kailee (pictured with her) appeared on several of our sites, as well as many others and was at one point close to the top spanking model in the biz.  She was always a blast to shoot and had lots of energy! Not sure what Kailee is doing, but whatever it is, I’m sure she is doing it well!

Lilia Espinoza (seen above in My Spanking Roommate) never really got started before she walked away mysteriously.  I suspect boyfriend issues.  We had big plans for her – we created a blog (now defunct) and declared her one of the stars of this site.  I don’t know what she is up to now.

Sierra Salem in her last ever scene

Sierra Salem (picture above in My Spanking Roommate) also retired, though I never heard a formal announcement or anything official, like I did from all the others.  She sort of just lost contact with everyone and word spread that she doesn’t shoot anymore.  I have no idea where she is or what she is up to – but I hope she’s doing well!

Audrey Knight could give and take a spanking with the best of them!

Audrey Knight (pictured above from My Spanking Roommate)  is a huge loss to the spanking community.  She was building up toward what sounded like an epic site she was creating with her significant other when they decided to walk away.  Audrey is so sweet, smart and both an amazing top and bottom.  With her combination of domestic verbal skills and raw spanking power, one would be hard-pressed to find a better spanker than Audrey.  I see that Audrey checks in on spanking blogs from time to time and hopefully she will leave a comment here.  Audrey left a very sweet goodbye on her blog.  It is the best way to see why she walked away and what she looks forward to next.

Clare can cry like a mo-fo

The final one to end her sweet run of spanking excellence was of course our very own Clare Fonda.  Obviously this has the largest impact on me personally, but I would like to guess that Clare was as big a spanking star as anyone out there – so it is a loss for all of us.  The above photo was from her last ever scene, which is running on My Spanking Roommate.  Clare took one last shot at crying in a scene for this one.  She has been known to shed tears unmatched by most.

This scene really didn’t turn out to be the sobbing type she had perfected, however.  Maybe because there is a mixture of sadness, but also of happiness – to finally move on to pursue other goals.  12 years is a LOT of spanking time!!!

I have sent some questions to Clare and she has promised me that in a few weeks she will check in with what she has been up to lately – so look for an interview from Clare on this blog soon.

Goodbye to all the models that left the biz in 2012!!  You will be missed.

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12 Comments for this entry

  • Dave

    Thank you for depressing the heck out of me. Seriously, a fine blog post on spanky stars that are sorely missed, indeed.

  • admin

    Yes Cherry Red it is kinda sad, huh. I didn’t really know how to honor these ladies without it coming across sad. I guess it is what it is. My next blog I guess should be going for high comedy!

  • William Vanderpool

    What about Abigail Whitaker? Has she retired as well?

  • Tim the tum

    This is a lovely yet saddening post; it’s great to acknowledge the spanking models we’ve all loved and lusted over, but, of course, it’s hard to let them go.

    It is also particularly hard to say good bye to the two lovely ladies who died last year.

    As for the retirees, well, I’ll miss them all, and it’s hard to imagine Kailee not modelling. She always seemed so into everything that she did.

    Audrey is probably me very favourite switch, but her goodbye post is lovely.

    And we can always hope to some of these ladies return one day, even if only for a cameo (and yes, I am thinking of Clare here!).

    Good post – many thanks.

    All the best


  • admin

    William, I have not heard that Abigal Whitaker has retired from shooting spanking scenes. Anyone out there know of Abigal’s status?

  • admin

    Tim the Turn – very nice to hear from you! If I am not mistaken, you retired from the spanking blog writing biz yourself in 2012. Any plans to get back to it? Always loved your blog! And yes, here’s hoping for the cameo return at the very least from some of these lovely models!

  • Mike

    few years back i i think cant reember Audrey Knight who kept in touch with her said Abi has retired and gone into vanilla life think she met somebody not sure i forget what audrey said but audrey iso n fetlife so you can ask her there or i can mention to her about this blog post

  • Tim

    Cameraman i did not know that lovely Audrey had left the scene in featured her in a scene towards the end of last year being spanked by yourself ,best from ,Tim.

  • Audrey Knight

    Hey Mr. Camera Man — thanks so much for including me in this sweet post. I’m as sad to see Clare go as anyone… you two were so much fun to work with!
    I’m so terribly sad to hear of Ms. Steven’s untimely death… After having a brush with cancer with someone very close to me — my partner, I realize how real and difficult it is, and how it can unexpectedly attack someone very young.
    Abigail is happily immersed in her vanilla life… It’s no secret that she earned her Master’s degree a few years ago, and she’s been hard at work honing her skills and marketing herself — she’s recently scored a great job in her field and is doing very well. She’s in a happy relationship, but you may find her at a BDSM party from time to time in the Pacific NW.
    Thanks again for the honorable mention and I wish you many cute bottoms to spank and film!

  • admin

    Audrey thanks for checking and with the great comments and also for adding Abigal to the list. I will dig up a photo and add it to this blog!

  • Tim

    Audrey nice to hear from you ,might you do more spanking vids at Clares and cameramans great websites ?love and spanks,Timxx

  • Mike

    isnt Miss Audrey Knight great she cool smart young lady but i wont never corss her or get smart with her or misbehave around her she has paddle or brush and firm hand ready to strike when she has too

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