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Snow Mercy Sings

by on May.31, 2012, under spanking in the news


If you know who Snow Mercy is, and most of you reading this probably do, then you will know she is amazing at spanking and getting spanked.

She has appeared in most of our sites (soon to be all) and she will be taking an increased role in the upcoming months.  I will blog more about Snow the spanker tomorrow.

But what you probably don’t know is that Snow is also an accomplished singer.  She recently performed in Europe and she performs regularly in Los Angeles.  Check out her latest music video.  You can check her facebook page if you want to catch one of her performances.

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Couple of Interviews

by on May.29, 2012, under Spanking

I have an interview up on Cherry Red for those of you who would like to read some longer chatting from me.

And Veronica Ricci has an interview up on her blog, which originated on the excellent blog The Spanking Place. Check it out if you’re interested in reading more about her thoughts on spanking.


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Spanking Sorority Girls Site Building Steam

by on May.24, 2012, under spanking sorority girls


The Spanking Sorority Girls site is finally running properly.  It took a while to get all the bugs out, which is not uncommon for a new site that relies on several different people – producers, talent, web guys etc and some different companies – billing, server etc to get it launched.

The billing was a little screwy initially and some people had trouble with the 5 site membership.  Thanks to all those who braved the challenges and supported the new site.  It is running smoothly now, and building some steam.


The present episode finds Kat (Katherine St. James) and Karina spanking Riley and Amaya Meda.  Riley did her first ever spanking shoot with us recently, which is running on Spanked Sweeties.  We loved her bubble butt and willingness to take spanking pain despite having a low tolerance for it, and a butt that gets red and speckled.  Her reactions are 100% real.

We were Amaya’s first spanking shoot as well.  She is very edgy and can give a super hard hand spanking, which will be proven in future episodes.

The next episode will include most of the pledges and Roxy.  There have been some requests to have Roxy spank site star Veronica Ricci again, so there is a good bet that will happen.  Hey please check out Veronica’s blog, called Spanking Veronica, and drop her a comment or two.  If you like the site, definitely let her know as she is a driving force behind it!

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Clare’s Last Spanking Shoot Up On Call Girls Site

by on May.17, 2012, under spanked call girls


Clare’s last spanking shoot is now running on Spanked Call Girls.  This is the last scene Clare filmed for any site.  But there will be more scenes, filmed before this one, that will pop up on our sites over the next few months.  In fact, one more scene with Clare will appear on Spanked Call Girls, and it includes two of our biggest stars giving Clare’s character a nod and a wink send-off.

But this scene, Clare last recorded spanking, definitely was a good one to go out on and it included long time friend and fantastic spanko Sarah Gregory, who has been a big part of all of our sites.  And it also included new to us, rising spanking star Christy Cutie.  She is so sweet and so bratty at the same time.  She has that delightful bubble butt, is very pretty and can take a hard spanking.  What’s not to love about Christy?!

Christy has a blog too.  As does Sarah of course.


Before we started shooting, Sarah was clowning around with Christy a little, trying to teach the youngster a little about the birds and the bees.  So things got off to an entertaining start, which I happened to catch with a sneak still.

This shoot was a little different because Christy and Sarah knew that is was going to be Clare’s last spanking shoot.  So there was a slight charge while we were shooting it, knowing that something was different.  A great run would be coming to an end.  Wonder if this will be the feeling when Meryl Streep announces that her next film will be her last?


Clare often tries to make the models laugh when I’m taking the stills.  So as a tribute, Sarah made Clare laugh.  Not with an off color comment (which is Clare’s MO), but by a sneak tickle attack – which I happened to capture with this photo.


Clare paddled Christy and Sarah.  Clare didn’t shoot many paddle scenes, but she wanted to include one in her last shoot.  She also included her standards – over the knee hand spanking and over the knee hair brush  spankings.  She excelled at those.

The scene ends with Clare spanking Sarah with a last flurry. Clare and Sarah were about to cry, as they realized the significance of the moment.  It may seem overly dramatic to say this, but two friends who were in the moment, one who has been a leader in her field for a dozen years, another a new star, and it was coming to an end for Clare.


Anyway, here is the last image taken of Clare spanking someone.  I’m glad it was Sarah.

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A Clare Fonda Mother’s Day Treat

by on May.12, 2012, under mother/daughter spanking


It is Mother’s Day in a few hours.  And what better way to celebrate than to put up the start of the last Mother/Daughter spanking scene from Clare Fonda that will appear on Spanked Sweeties.  Clare will do a few more interviews, but this will be the last time you will see her playing someone’s mom, as she spanks the lovely new beauty Phoenix Askani.

The scene is really worthy, as Clare went to town as a strict mom (Phoenix had a strict mom, so hey, it’s just completing the role) – turning Phoenix’s white bottom BRIGHT RED.  Check out the photos if you don’t believe me.  I don’t touch up photos.  Her bottom got THAT red and speckled from Clare’s one spanking.

Phoenix is really pretty and has great, long legs.  I’m sure I’ll be shooting her again some time.

For now, from Phoenix, Clare and the Cameraman, have a happy mother’s day!

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Spanking Sounds: Porn star edition

by on May.08, 2012, under Spanking

Alexis Grace Spanks Layden Sinn

I did a shoot recently that featured adult actress Layden Sinn, who is very hot and you will be loving her spanking scenes.  She was making very sincere and well deserved “ows’ as Alexis Grace spanked her for two scenes.  In the third scene, it was Layden’s turn to spank Alexis.  Well if you have ever heard how Alexis Grace responds to being spanked, you will know it is loud and includes wails that could be interpreted as orgasms.

To be very clear, Alexis has a low pain tolerance (in my opinion) and the spankings really, really hurt her.  I guess she just makes a lot of crazy sounds when in pain.

So on a break, Layden said to us “I didn’t know we were supposed to make those kinda sounds when we got spanked. ”  Alexis and I laughed and explained that Layden’s reactions were perfect.  Very real.  She said “they were real.”  We explained that is simply how Alexis responds to being spanked.


Which brings me to the above photo of adult star Chloe James being spanked by fetish model Ludella Hahn for Hot Girls Spanked.

Like Alexis, Chloe was in pain during the spanking, and like Alexis, she wailed like she was having some kind of orgasmic blend of pain and pleasure.  Glad to say, the clip of Chloe has been very popular.

The upcoming Alexis and Layden scenes will appear in June on Girl Spanks Girl.  No doubt they will be popular as well.

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New Sweetie Riley Fresh Reactions to Being Spanked

by on May.01, 2012, under Spanking Interviews


There is a model new to spanking scenes currently up on  Spanked Sweeties and her name is Riley.  I met Riley on a bikini shoot and she was talking about how she was spanked a lot growing up and also mentioned that she was interested in doing more shoots.  Hmmm.

So here she is being interviewed about her childhood spanking experiences and getting spanked by Clare Fonda, who plays here mom and also her nanny, who spanked her, too.  Riley has many fascinating stories and an amazing bubble butt.

What I found most interesting about her shoot, though, was how she reacted to being spanked.  She has a very low pain tolerance, so the spankings hurt her A LOT!  She has this rare reaction to being spanked that I’m sure a few of you reading have come across from time to time.  She has a nervous giggle.

When you hear this nervous giggle, you should know that this is the moment she is feeling the most pain, and she is fearing what it coming next.  In Sweeties, this causes her to break her young character mode a bit, but it something rare and worth seeing.  I recruited Riley for the new Spanking Sorority Girls site and just turn her loose as herself, so that these reactions make perfect sense.

Riley is very tall and strong and she can be found spanking Clare Fonda, who plays her anger management therapist, on Hot Girls Spanked.  Hope you guys enjoy Riley’s scenes and very natural (and unusual) reactions as much as I do.

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