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All in the Family

by on Jun.12, 2012, under Spanking Interviews


I have discovered over the years that actual relatives spanking each other is a hot item.  Do you guys agree with this?  For Sweeties some time ago, Clare and I shot two real sisters, Carmen and Bridgette, spanking each other and it was wildly popular.

Needless to say, it’s not easy to find family members who are willing to spank each other – on camera for all to see that is.  But we have a home run with the Miller ladies.  Lana is Michelle’s half sister in real life (though she plays her mom on Spanked Sweeties because Michelle’s mom really spanked her growing up).  And Michelle once spanked her sister. So Lana’s real life niece Mandee (who can be found in Exclusive Education 6 on Girl Spanks Girl) played Michelle’s sister, who also was spanked regularly by mom.


So there is lots of family spanking going on in this Sweeties.  I think Michelle felt a little strange about it before we started shooting, but the pain of Lana (who did NOT hold back in any way) spanking her soon gave her something to focus her attention on and she let all of her inhibitions go.  I am always on the lookout for more family members willing to spank on camera – so give me a holler if you know of any.

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  • Marky Marks (a/k/a SecretSpanko)

    I don’t know which is more unusual and interesting… a family spanking on film or an African-American spanking on film. In real life, there are a couple of African-Americans at my office, and one talks openly about spanking his kid, the other has mentioned several stories about something she did and getting a “whoopin'” for it. Based on this anecdotal evidence, I think spanking is just as strong in the African American community as it is anywhere else, but they seem under-represented in spanking videos.

  • admin

    You are probably correct about under representation, Marky Marks. I haven’t come across very many African American spanking models, though. Lana is the all time greatest, in my opin.

  • Chris

    This looks like a great video. This new girl is really hot. Hopefully there will be more black actresses in spanking videos. Is there any chance of seeing Lana getting spanked again? Maybe Snow Mercy would be a good candidate for that, just a thought,

  • admin

    Lana doesn’t like to get spanked but she will allow it under certain circumstances. Maybe I’ll work on her. I have some scenes with Lana coming up, but I can tell you for sure she won’t get spanked in those – for Spanked Call Girls and another Spanked Sweeties where she will play the mom. Those are both a few months away, though.

  • tim

    Cameraman i know that Kat St James and her real sister spank there is a clip on Marked butts which i played ,Kat appears on you and Clares sites perhaps you could ask her? Enjoying the vid series on Girl spanks Girl currently with young teacher spanking her naughty pupils ,best,tim.

  • admin

    Tim, I work with Kat fairly frequently. I will definitely look into her having a real sister who will do spanking scenes with her. Many sites claim to have real sisters spanking each other. The only one that I know for sure to be real on other sites was Kailee and her sister – both gorgeous – and willing to spank each other. But Kailee’s sister stopped shooting spanking vids. shortly after she started.

  • Chris

    Thanks for working on her. Let her know it’s actually a compliment to want to see her get spanked.

  • chuck

    hey idk if this is still active but i am looking fot any and all Lana miller content.i saw another video of her spanked called hot cross buns but cant find the video< help please

  • admin

    Hot Cross Buns is found on the site and probably this summer a remastered version will appear on the site. But it’s there now along with 16 other scenes starring Lana Miller. You will also find her on and

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