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The Return of Paris Kennedy

by on Aug.05, 2012, under Spanked school girls, Spanking


Paris Kennedy shot with Clare Fonda Productions when Paris was just 18 years old.  We were the first shoot she did of any kind.  Paris had short hair, was a bean pole and seemed very shy back then.  We shot her for a few years, for a variety of sites.  We watched her become more outgoing and get a few lady curves.  She was a regular on the Kara Prepare Yourself site, which can be found now as part of Spanked Call Girls.

Well, Paris got away from spanking for a some time, and focused more on her own sites, which centered around Superheroines.  She developed into a big name adult entertainer.  Clare often talked about reuniting with Paris for another spanking shoot.  But something always seemed to prevent it.  Clare and Paris always remained great friends and I would see her from time to time at a party (usually her birthday party – and yes she would get a birthday spanking). Recently, Paris started shooting spanking scenes again.


Finally, Paris is back on the CF sites, as she agreed to be one of the schoolgirls in EE7, found on Girl Spanks Girl.  With Paris returning, I thought she needed to be featured prominently in the schoolgirl scene.  There had to be some reason for the class to be disruptive.  Christy Cutie is in the cast.  I know she is great at playing bratty, and can take a harder spanking than anyone in the cast, which would be something you would expect to happen to the instigator.  So here was the marriage. Christy strips off Paris’s clothes and calls her a slut.  The class breaks out in chaos and of course that leads to all of them getting spanked.


I remembered that Paris’s butt turned red pretty quickly, but I don’t remember speckling.  Wow, did she ever speckle!  Snow laid right into poor Paris’s milky white bare bottom full force right away.


Welcome back to CF Worldwide, Paris!  After the shoot, Paris admitted it was a long time since she had a spanking like this one. But she is game to do it again.  So be on the lookout for more spanking scenes with the great Paris Kennedy!

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  • tim

    Nice to have young Paris back on C.F.Worldwide being spanked by Miss Snow on your new school extravaganza series ,best from Tim.

  • Angela Bauer

    After her first 30 or so seconds of bare-bottom hand spanking by Snow Mercy, the famous speckles on the bottom of Paris are not showing. Chances are by the time Snow finishes the first 2 minutes spanking Paris, we will see those speckles and also find out why Paris is called “The Slut” by her classmates, especially Christy Cutie, as well as by Ms Snow.

    Just imagine all the speckles once Paris starts to get the hairbrush?

    Now, will Snow and Sarah be using the dreaded black Mason Pearson hairbrushes, some from Hair Doc or the orange Earth brushes?

    Christy Cutie does deserve the extra spabking Sarah proposed. What implement will be used? There are some yard sticks on Ms Snow’s desk. Could that be a clue?

  • admin

    You should see plenty of speckle on the next clip. Interesting about the hairbrushes. Thought about Mason-Pearson. Got two. Once as hard wood, the other more forgiving plastic (but still pretty hard). It was fun to see how Snow and Sarah decide who gets the harder hairbrush.

  • Angela Bauer

    Indeed, during the continuation of Paris’ spanking from Ms Snow not only is the speckling obvious, she has a clear vivid red area, almost like an open sore.

    It is well and proper that Ms Snow is getting her classroom under control. Clearly when she dressed for teaching that day she expected to continue her “no spanking” policy. Those cuffs on her blouse are just not practical. Every few smacks Snow needs to push her right cuff back up her arm back up. Maybe she should wear button cuffs. Or if she favors French cuffs, the cuff link should go through both parts. Just fastening the inside of the cuff and folding the outer part over is silly even when no spanking needs to be administered.

    Still, that is Snow Mercy who can wear whatever she wants. That is until Lana Miller decides to the contrary!

  • tim

    Wow the girls botties are blushing nicely as all naughty little minxs can attest to through their ooyahs from the spanks landing from Snow and sarah ,this is a grand series which is spoken about in all the spanking circles most highly ,very best from ,Tim.

  • Angela Bauer

    EE Year 7 keeps getting better and better. When it became her turn to be spanked, Phoenix was paired with Riley. At first Phoenix endured the heavy hand of Miss Snow. All things considered, Phoenix took her bare bottom spanking well. Then the naughty girls traded disciplinarians.

    Miss Sarah Gregory admitted not spanking as hard as Snow, but she does so very naturally. During clip 17 Phoenix keeps bending her legs. Early in clip 18 Sarah decides to stop the leg bending. Without scolding, she simply uses her right hand to gently push the long legs of Phoenix back into position. Sarah did not give extra punishment with smacks to the upper legs, just the silent push.

    Later it is time for the girls to count the final 25 spanks. Phoenix gets ahead of herself and counts “26” loudly before a spank landed. Without a pause Sarah gives her a hard extra spank, announcing the final 2 naughty girls will be getting 26 spanks. Miss Snow gives Riley a 26th spank. Priceless.

    When the time comes for the hairbrushes, Snow brings out a red rectangular and an orange oval. By then Phoenix volunteered to be spanked in the first wave. She is allowed to select the brush to be used on her. Phoenix says she loves red.

    Multi gal spanking videos do not get better than EE7!

  • admin

    Angela – thanks for the kind words – glad you are enjoying EE7!

  • Angela Bauer

    In clip 25 for 4 September 2012, the other naughty girls are organized into a line waiting to be spanked. Phoenix goes over Snow’s lap, bare bottom, for the red rectangular hairbrush. Meanwhile Riley is positioned over Sarah’s lap for the orange oval hairbrush.

    Phoenix complains the spanking hurts her. Snow answers that her bottom has cooled since the hand spanking, so the hairbrush stings more. Although it is obvious Phoenix is feeling the spanking, she manages to take her punishment well.

    As the clip ends, “The Slut” Paris Kennedy is about to go over Snow’s lap and eventually Christy Cutie will get the oval hairbrush from Sarah.

    Each clip seems to be more fun that the previous ones.

  • Angela Bauer

    Clip 26 of EE7 is up today 5 September 2012. Wow!

    At the very end of Clip 25, Paris is sent to the lap and rectangular hairbrush of Snow. Meanwhile Christy Cutie is facing the lap and heavier oval hairbrush of Sarah. It was cute that Paris asked for her “Hairbrushing” as the clip ended.

    At the start of clip 26, Paris corrects herself and does ask for a “hairbrush spanking” but Christy makes jokes about “hairbrushing her bottom” with Sarah, who is not amused.

    Snow does not seem to spank Paris any harder than she had Phoenix, but Paris reddens faster. Sarah is spanking Christy as hard as she can and that “instigator” is squirming and wriggling shamelessly.

    Once Sarah stops spanking Christy, Snow lands a few more on Paris as Sarah suggests Christy need another minute from Snow. Paris is sent to the wall of shame beside Riley and Phoenix. Snow walks over to Sarah who still has Christy over her lap and under fairly good control.

    Snow decides to use the heavy oval hairbrush and to allow the “ladies on the wall” to turn around to watch. She swings really hard while standing, so Christy gets exceptionally hard spanks. We can see the rippling of her buttocks cheeks.

    At one point Snow warns Christy to remain still: “It is harder to hit a moving target and if I miss you can be hurt.”

    Clip 26 ends with many spanks from Snow to Christy yet to be administered.

    This is a marvelous clip!

  • admin

    Loving these reports, Angela. You could be a journalist (if you aren’t already)

  • Angela Bauer

    To answer your question, when I was in elementary and middle school I did write articles about school for a major Los Angeles newspaper. I edited my high school paper. At university I wrote for the campus paper, but my pre-law classes prevented me editing it. I was on the staff of “Law Review” my first 2 years of law school and edited it my final year. Currently I am a contributing editor for 2 legal profession journals.

    I am a senior partner of my law firm. This week is frustrating. Yesterday I started jury selection in a Federal civil trial expected to last until mid-October. We took the afternoon break early. Before the scheduled return the clerk of the court told us the lead opposition attorney was sick.

    There was no notice the illness was continuing. I led my team to court by 8:15 today. The judge and court staff were all there. So were 55 prospective jurors, none thrilled to be participating. Nobody from the opposition showed up. At 9 AM the clerk got a phone call from an opposition attorney saying his leader was still sick. All our judge could do was send the prospective jurors home.

    At my office all my schedule was to be in court weekdays. So, I had the time to write the clip 26 notes and now answer you.

    Let me also add my feeling that both Snow and Sarah have carefully observed very gifted classroom teachers. Perhaps Snow actually has been a teacher. They never get so focused on one thing to the extent they lose “situational awareness.”

    Notice how Snow can deliver accurate spanks while taking a glance to the “ladies on the wall” warning them to face it with hands on head. Or to warn those in line or seated to be quiet.

    In her own quiet way, Sarah makes it clear she knows everything going on in the classroom. I have already mentioned Sarah was so natural gently pushing Phoenix’s legs back into place while giving her the hand spanking. Sarah also had no trouble controlling Christy. Of course Sarah is a larger woman.

  • Angela Bauer

    Today is 6 September 2012. The new clip is 27, which continues Snow administering the additional oval hairbrush spanking to Christy Cutie for being “the instigator” of the classroom disruption.

    With Christy bent over Sarah’s lap, when Snow is standing she gets a super-long stroke. That hairbrush is moving hard and fast when it explodes on Christy’s bottom. I cannot remember any video showing a hairbrush landing with more force. Christy did wriggle and thrash around, despite orders from Snow to remain still.

    Eventually Snow stopped spanking and returned to her chair carrying the heavier oval hairbrush. She ordered Christy to follow and put herself over the lap. Christy actually does that, but after a couple of hard spanks, Sarah needs to kneel in front of Christy to control both of her hands for the rest of the spanking.

    Snow drags Christy by her hair to the “wall of shame”. Clip 27 ends with Sarah ordering Koko over Snow’s lap. Snow has retained the oval hairbrush.

    When reporting upon the start of the hairbrush spankings, I forgot to mention a cute action almost off camera. As the chairs were originally set, the girl over Sarah’s lap would be kicking the face of the girl over Snow’s lap. Snow starts to re-position her chair backward, while Phoenix is waiting with her skirt tucked up neatly in back and her panties down.

    However, very demurely Phoenix expresses concern that her face will still be kicked. Snow agrees and moves her chair even further back before she gestures for Phoenix to assume her position of correction. I cherish that exchange, which proves Phoenix accepts discipline but does not want her face to be kicked.

    Shortly before bed on 5 September, my husband Don and I looked at the DVD of EE6. In that Snow was the classroom teacher. She is wearing an ivory long-sleeve top with cuffs for which the inside fold is held by cuff links and the outer fold is free to flap. Don shouted “Snow only has one such blouse!” My own theory has always been that “Little Orphan Anne” has a closet full of identical red dresses. I am confident that the same is true for Snow Mercy, she has many nearly-identical long-sleeve tops with those unusual French cuffs.

    I also notice that in EE6, Snow does not need to stop spanking to re-arrange her cuffs, as is the case in EE7. Perhaps the current top has looser cuffs?

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